Rome honeymoon photographer

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Engagement style session

I mean this was a really great shoot. Greater than one can expect. A beautiful day and a beautiful couple walking around the city with a photographer alongside. Hoping that this photographer remembers to take the lens cap off! I love the colors and the light and easy going feel about this honeymoon engagement like shoot.

The walking itinerary

We went from Piazza di Spagna to the roman forum in Piazza del Campidoglio. We came across lots of different great picture location. The city really does offer a wide range of stunning things to photograph. There are so many scenic things behind every corner. So unique and characteristic to that Italian feel. So I think we captured some great stuff but the greatest of all pictures is the one with the roman centurion at the end of the shoot. 

I mean he knows his stuff!  Love the expressions and the poses.  And I thank Danielle for the great idea!

Honeymoon session. Kissing on the terrace of Piazza di Spagna the Spanish steps.

Couple's feet and legs. Extravagant look.

Black and white travel photography from the Spanish steps.

Man dips woman over the Fontana at the Spanish steps.

The Roman forum photographed from above with a a beautiful couple out of focus

Taking pictures standing at the steps of Piazza del Campidoglio

Black and white take of a color photograph during a photo tour session in Rome

Black and White image taken in Campidoglio plaza.

Couple posing in front of a statue during a photography session in Rome

Sitting down on steps Piazza del Campidoglio Rome Italy

Black and white picture of newlyweds during a session by the Italian forum

Forum imagery session together with a man and a woman at the Forum

Roman centurion picture at Piazza Venezia underneath the Vittoriano monument.

Roman centurion pictures in Piazza Venezia by Vittoriano monument

Centurion with a sword on a couple during a photographic tour excursion in Rome honeymoon nlog photographer.

Here are some more picture ideas taken from the Blog:

A romantic and evocative honeymoon session
Honeymooning the city and having fun on the picture session
Winter season honeymoon

Walking the city on a honeymoon session
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Walking the city on a honeymoon session
This was a great photo shoot. Walking around in Rome with the intention to capture some fun and playful engagement like pictures around the city.