Wedding honeymoon session

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A beautiful day in Rome

This was an absolutely beautiful honeymoon photo session which started in Piazza della Repubblica under a wonderful blue sky. A Mercedes car was just outside waiting to take us to Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome before the sweeping view of the  Roman Forum.

A car ride from place to place

We hopped back on and headed for the Vatican and Saint Peter’s square. On our way we saw a beautiful view of Castel Sant’Angelo so we quickly pulled over for some pictures. Next we were under the beautiful colonnade of Saint Peter’s square. Loved the sun shadow game play in around the columns. Then a very quick stop at the Vittoriano monument and on to San Ivo alla Sapienza to continue in the beautiful courtyard. Finally our last stop was the Roman Colosseum where the  photographer session came to an end. I had a great time; thank you for a such a beautiful day! 

Honeymoon session. Newlyweds celebrating in Italy with a photographer session at the Roman Forum.

Newlywed couple in Saint Peter's square. Underneath the columns.

Couple posing for a picture at the Vatican under the stunning columns.

Photography in between columns in Saint Peter's.

Couple posing on the stairs of Piazza Venezia

Just married couple by the columns.

Walking under the portico during a session. S. Ivo alla Sapienza. Cloisters.

Wedding bride and groom kissing at S. Ivo alla Sapienza

Bride and groom posing on the Vittoriano monument.

Bride and groom walking hand in hand down the stairs of the Vittoriano monument

Man dipping wife during their shoot. Piazza Venezia.

Newlyweds at the Roman Colosseum on a romantic pose.

Holding wife after marriage. Celebrating together.

Close up photo of the rings

Couple embracing during their engagement matrimonial session.

Newlyweds happy and fun in Rome

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Wedding honeymoon photo session in Rome Italy
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Wedding honeymoon photo session in Rome Italy
A lovely honeymoon photo tour photographed in Rome by wedding photographer Andrea Matone. A fabulous way to remember your visit in Italy