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A Fashionable Photo Session

An unforgettable day walking around in Rome taking some great pictures with two very charming girls! With such great models getting good pictures was as easy as one two three. So we began this Rome photoshoot starting from Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore in the heart of the Trastevere quarter. An astounding square with a beautiful church. An all around great area to just walk about and capture some really nice photos with a true characteristic roman feel. So we headed in an off the beaten track route into the small cobble stone streets. Stopping to take pictures in around small squares, ancient doors and street corners with ivy leaves. The city of Rome can be so inspiring with small secrets and details around every corner.

Girls sitting down on the steps of Santa Maria in Trastevere in Rome Italy

Looking back female portrait

Posing on a wall in the trastevere area

Hands on shoulder photo

Photoshoot session at Piazza Trilussa in the heart of the roman city

Friends sitting down on stairs that lead to a water fountain in Piazza Trilussa

Sitting on the edge of a fountain in Rome during a photography session

Two girl friends portrait session

Crossing the Tiber river

Piazza Trilussa was our last stop before crossing the river. But not before taking some awesome snapshots by the square and on the top of the stairs and fountain. After some nice portraits we took some more images on the Ponte Sisto bridge where we met along the way the cutest little girl that asked us why were were taking these photos! Then some more cool shots while crossing the lungotevere street.  With all the cars lined up at the red light looking into the scene. Then on Via dei Pettinari we found this old apartment building where we set up a more elaborated photo shoot using an external flash firing from the inside of the building. Lastly it was time for a soda pop! And to breath on a delicatessen’s window showcase while looking at all the cakes and sweets inside. It’s called I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza. By the way on Thursdays they have a 50% off Sicilian cannoli cakes! [otherwise they go bad!].

Friend coupe looking back during a photography session over the roman Tiver river

Picture standing in an entrance to an old building

Closeup portrait shot of a couple of friends posing during a photo shoot

Girls walking in the back alleyways with a soda pop Girl friends photoshoot looking into a showcase in Rome Italy. Lifestyle photography session.Posing inside a wooden door by a church with sun light shining from the sides

Piazza Campo dei Fiori

Our walk ended in Largo dei Librari where we took photos at Church Santa Barbara dei Librari. A very small church in Rome that is so incredibly beautiful with such awesome light at the entrance. Then a very quick jump in Campo dei Fiori for the morning fruit and vegetable market. Picking out fruits and laughing and having a great time. Sniffing herbs and spices and tasting truffle cream sauce. [We skipped the limoncello tasting in the morning!]. Then a quick visit by the Giordano Bruno statue just to say hello. But the best part of the photo session was the cappuccino coffee in Largo dei Librari. With some final portrait photography in front of this unique wooden doorway! 

Shopping for fruits and vegetables inside the Campo dei Fiori morning market

Looking through the morning market

Posing underneath the statue of Giordano Bruno

Looking and browsing through the early morning open air marketplace in Piazza Campo dei Fiori

Hearty chokes closeup

Tasting bread and truffle cream

Smelling herbs and spices in Rome

Friend haing a cappuccino coffee at a bar in Rome during a photoshoot session with a professional lifestyle photographer

Girl pose

Girl posing 2

End of photo session in front of roman door


Time of the year: May
Time of day: Morning
Duration: 2 hrs walking
> Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore
> Trastevere alleyways
> Piazza Trilussa
> Ponte Sisto Bridge
> Piazza Campo dei Fiori
> Largo dei Librari
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Photography session in Rome
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Photography session in Rome
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