Proposing in Rome

By 12 March 2019 Surprise proposal

On a beautiful terrace with a view

What a wonderful wedding marriage proposal taking place before such a beautiful view over the ancient city of Rome from above. Waiting for that perfect moment to pop the big question! Welcoming the YES in such a joyful moment! Then after catching breath and presenting each other, we continued on with a few more portrait pictures in around the area. taking a nice stroll to catch some walking around photos. Stopping by the park to pop open a fresh Italian sparkling wine bottle to celebrate. Taking a few more romantic photos in between the trees. Ending the engagement session at a nearby water fountain!

Same sex wedding marriage proposal photographed at a park terrace overlooking the city from afar

She said yes with a kiss

Joy and happiness for the new engagement

Engagement ring photographed on a hand placed in front of lavanda blue flowers

Kissing underneath a tree


Time of the year: March
Time of day: Late afternoon  at 5:00 pm
Duration: 30 min photography session with sparkling Italian wine to celebrate
Location: Parco del Pincio terrace panoramic overlook
Curated imagery by AMatone photography studio
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