Rome Wedding Photo Shoot

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Getting ready pictures

Our love story began at Hotel Parco dei Principi which is a great location to start off with a lot of great photo ideas. The newlyweds where not just the ‘Bride and Groom‘ but also photographers and models so they where sooo helpful throughout the session. Helping out with the dress and offering creative picture ideasSo we started in the hotel corridor and moved down to the stunning hall which was full of beautiful large carpets, fancy chandeliers and soft couches.

The wedding session

Then it was off to Parco Villa Borghese taking pictures by the water fountain and moving around finding interesting new prospective. Some fun ideas here and there and then back in the car heading towards Piazza di Spagna to take unique wedding pictures of the beautiful paintings found on top of the stairs beneath Church Trinita’ dei Monti. Then working our way down to the water fountain. We couldn’t miss Piazza Fontana di Trevi, crowded but so romantic and then Castel Sant’Angelo bridge with its beautiful angel statues. On our way back with jumped off the car real quick for a nice view of Saint Peter’s cathedral in the distance from Ponte Umberto I.  Thank you so much for such beautiful day.  All the best!

newlyweds walking hand in hand inside Hotel Parco dei Principi

Just married inside Hotel Parco dei Principi next to beautiful paintings

Back garden. Parco Galleria Borghese. Matrimonial picture location.

Walking together in the back garden of Parco Galleria Borghese

Groom holding a great deal of weight. Rome wedding photo shoot.

Please don't step onto the grass.

Galleria Borghese Park. newlyweds posing for a picture.

Bride and groom together at Trinita' dei Monti top steps Piazza di Spagna

Just married couple walking up the Spanish steps next to a dancer painting.

Out of focus picture Piazza di Spagna.

Newlyweds in Piazza Fonanta di Trevi during. Black and white image.

The bridal bouquet.

Newlyweds in love kissing

Wedding couple on Ponte Umberto in Rome with Saint Peter's in the distance

The bride and groom on Ponte Umberto with a sweeping view of Rome

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Getting married in Rome Italy
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Getting married in Rome Italy
This was a wedding session which started with the bride and groom preparations inside a beautiful Hotel. Then on the road to take wedding photos around the city by car.