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A romantic way to propose

By 16 November 2015February 5th, 2020Couple, Pincio, Proposal, Rome

Over the ancient roman skyline

A beautiful moment in a most beautiful and scenic location. Proposing marriage on the terrace of Parco del Pincio in the heart of the historical city of Rome. A great surprise welcomed with even greater joy and happiness. A touching moment from which we needed to take 5 minutes to recuperate! Then we were ready for a fantastic photographic journey around the eternal city.  Starting with a car ride to the Gianicolo water fountain to experience the beauty of the Renaissance and Baroque architecture as well as the fantastic view.  Then over to the Roman Colosseum to include one of the iconic images of Rome. And lastly the keyhole view from the Cavalieri di Malta building completing the engagement session around the environs. And discovering new great spots for romantic pictures!

Man proposing to girlfriend at Parco del Pincio overlooking the roman view

Proposal in Rome. Handing over the engagement ring

Embrace after marriage proposal in Rome

Kissing at the Gianicolo water fountain

Autumn engagement photo session

Together in Rome. Sitting down before the stunning view of the city from above.

Silhouette image of a engaged couple standing before the Roman Colosseum in Rome

Gentlemen kiss at the Coliseum

Together at the Coliseum posing for a photo shoot

The keyhole view of Saint Peter's dome from the Cavalieri di Malta door in Rome Italy

Park alleyway photo shoot

Couple photographed at a green park

Macro picture of the engagement ring


Time of the year: October
Time of day: Late afternoon
Duration: 2 hrs
Location: Pincio park
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Curated imagery by the A. Matone photographer in Rome studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our sessions. For prices and bookings please Click here

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Propose in Rome
Article Name
Propose in Rome
Romantic way to propose in Rome Italy. Overlooking ancient roman rooftop views. Capturing all the emotions with unique engagement photography

One Comment

  • Fernando says:

    Solo tenemos palabras de agradecimiento para Andrea. El detuvo el tiempo para nosotros y nos regalo el placer de recordar claramente lo que paso el 19 de octubre del 2015 durante nuestra propuesta de matrimonio secreta. Claramente, un momento inolvidable en nuestra vida entera. Andrea fue muy profesional durante todo el tiempo en que lo estuve contactando para la realización de la sorpresa. después que lo conocimos me di cuenta del profesionalismo de su trabajo (el tiene todo bajo control y sabe muy bien lo que hace. algo que es muy bueno cuando se está nervioso y se está pensando en otras cosas , como proponer matrimonio, y no olvidar las palabras por ejemplo). fue una larga espera en nuestros corazones para la llegada de las fotos (esperamos solo 3 semanas de las 4 programadas). cuando las recibimos nos parecieron maravillosas. debo decir que esperaba un buen trabajo pero nunca espere esa cantidad de fotografías y la calidad de cada una de ellas. cada fotografía es hermosa y tiene el poder de recordarnos aquellos maravillosos momentos. fue una muy buena decisión trabajar con Andrea para que guardara para siempre nuestra propuesta matrimonial por nosotros. muchas gracias de nuevo Andrea.
    Fernando & Azucena

    We only have words of thanks to Andrea. He stopped the time for us and gave us the pleasure of clearly remember what happened on 19 October 2015 during our surprise proposal. Clearly, an unforgettable moment in our entire life . He was very professional during the time that I was contacting him before the surprise. After we meet him I realized the professionalism of his work. (he has everything under control and he knows very well what he does, which is very good when you are nervous and using your thinking in others things, how to proposal!, and don’t forget the speech for example). It was a long wait in our hearts for the pictures. (we only wait 3 weeks when Andrea indicated 4 weeks ). After we received the pictures we fall in love with them. I expected a very good job, but I must say that i did not expect that quantity and quality. Every single picture is beautiful and marvelous and has the power of bring to our memories that special moments. it was a very good decision to choose Andrea to share that moment with us. Thank you again Andrea.
    Fernando & Azucena