A romantic love story in Rome

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Photo shoot video

We all met up at the Una Hotel in Rome to begin this unique photo and video experience. We started with a short taxi ride to Parco del Pincio. With a most beautiful view over the roman skyline. Here we took some nice pictures and video recordings.

Parco del Pincio

On our way down the staircase there were so many scenic views to choose from. There was a small white Italian car parked by the road which we decided to include in the pictures. We finally walked all the way down the hill to Piazza del Popolo. Stopping by one of the two circular water fountains which characterize the square.
The photography was taken from above while the video was filmed from down below. After the engagement pictures and video were completed we reunited in the main square were we took some more still and motion images. Some fun and happy snapshots came out!

The Fourm of ancient Rome

From Piazza del Popolo we took another taxi headed to Piazza del Campidoglio. From there we had some many cool locations to choose from. From the sweeping view over the roman ruins. To scenic columns and inspiring long staircases.

Couple portrait session photography at Parco del Pincio

Couple view over the roman rooftops in Rome

Together vising the city during a photo and video session.

Car innocenti photo session with the city in the background.

Thank you to Simona Santelli for the video.

Water fountain. Engagement photo shoot video. Piazza del Popolo. Rome, Italy.

Walking happily together hand in hand.

Picture of a man and woman at the ancient Forum with the ruins in the background.

Standing over the roman Forum in Rome Italy.

Time of the year: October
Time of day: Morning
Duration: 2 hrs
> Pincio Park
> Piazza del Popolo
> Campidoglio square

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Engagement style photo shoot video
Article Name
Engagement style photo shoot video
Engagement photo shoot video. Filmed together with the photography session. Wonderful pictures as well as motion movie memories of your visit in Rome.