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Wedding Vow proposal in Rome

By 21 March 2011February 2nd, 2020Colosseum, Proposal, Rome

Surprise proposal photography

A marriage vow immortalized by professionals from a discreet distance. A great deal of effort can go into the preparation of a wedding vow proposal especially if this is done in a faraway city like Rome. And most of all without her knowing!

Candid and spontaneous

The moment is real, upstaged. Eric knew and they followed me to a precise spot  by the Coliseum where I set up some markers on the ground for them to stand. I photographed from a distance trying to capture the right moment lined up with the background. Surprise quickly led to joy and after this special moment was over we  finally met and had a chance to continue a little bit with some more engagement photography in the streets of Rome. Thank you Eric, I was honored for the trust and wish both all best!

Wedding Vows proposals in Rome. Picture taken in front of the Roman Colosseum in Rome Italy.

Woman surprised by the wedding vow proposal secretly photographed in Rome

Engagement picture session at the Colosseum

Looking together the Coliseum from a green lawn

Hanging out in a typical piazza

Walking together in the streets with some really beautiful sunlight

Laying down on a doorstep in the cobble like streets

Picture taken in a typical alleyway street

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Great joy and happiness from this proposal
A marriage proposal from the city center of Rome


Article Name
Surprise wedding vow proposal
A wedding vow proposal secretly photographed discreetly from a far by professionals. Great joy and surprise with a romantic engagement session.

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