Surprise wedding proposal in Rome Italy

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The small lake in Villa Borghese

This was a very fun and fascinating surprise wedding proposal photographed at the small lake in Villa Borghese in Rome Italy. From a photographer’s point of view my concern at first was the light and the boat’s position but I think we decided on a good spot. I was photographing from the shore in between trees and it worked out perfect!

The engagement photo session

We met afterwards in euphoria and began our engagement photo session with a car which was waiting for us just outside Villa Borghese. We started on Ponte Umbero I with a view of Saint Peter’s Cathedral in the distance. On our way to the next location we stopped at a merry-go-round in front of Castel Sant’Angelo where we took some fun and joyful pictures.

Ponte Castel Sant’Angelo was next and then off to the Gianicolo water fountain overlooking the city of Rome from above.  What stunning view.  Our next stop was the roman Colosseum, Piazza di Spagna and Trinita’ dei Monti where we found a Maserati car just waiting to take a picture with us.

The pigeons

It was all going well until pigeons tried to surround us but breaking free was easy and provided new fun laughing opportunities. I wanted to thank you both again for the wonderful time and wish you all the best to come!

Temple artificial lake laghetto artificiale Villa Borghese Rome Italy

Engagement secret wedding proposal on Villa Borghese lake boat

Man romantically showing engagement ring during a wedding proposal on a lake boat Villa Borghese

The joy and happiness after a surprise wedding proposal on an artificial lake in Villa Borghese Rome Italy

Couples hands one on top of the other after the proposal

Couple on Ponte Umberto I out of focus version

Couple engaged photographed on Lungo Tevere

The happiness of Rome surprise wedding marriage proposal.

The joy and happiness of a couple engaged to be married

Couple photographed sitting in front of Castel Sant'Angelo

The water of the Fontanone fountain

Immersing her hand in the water

Close up of a woman's hand with an engagement ring

Couple photographed with the beautiful view of the city of Rome in the far distance

Couple in front of the Roman Colosseum

Portrait picture taken of an engagement couple up on Trinita' dei Monti

Photo tour picture taken of a couple on the terrace of Trinita' dei Monti in Rome Italy

More surprise proposal photo session shot at Parco del Pincio in Rome:

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Sample 2
Sample 3

Engaged to married in Rome
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Engaged to married in Rome
A stunningly beautiful surprise wedding proposal photographed on the Villa Borghese lake in Rome Italy by professional wedding photographer Andrea Matone. A joyful and fun photo session around town followed!