Italian Wedding Photography

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Wedding pictures in Rome

This was a beautiful day for a photoshoot in wedding attire. The sky was so limpid blue clear and the sun warm and summery. All the conditions were present to achieve great pictures.

Photoshoot locations

We started at the Roman Pantheon exploring how the light was shining through the ancient columns finding new angles and prospective. The columns outside are just perfect for finding converging lines. We alternated shooting some color images as well as black and white. Then we stepped over sampietrini stones to reach San Ivo alla Sapienza. An stunning landmark with an incredible courtyard. I could spend hours photographing in these spectacular locations!

The snail at Teatro Marcello

In front of Teatro Marcello we found a little snail which briefly participated in our photoshoot before setting it back on the grass! Just a quick stop over the Vittorio Emanuele landmark which gave off such nice bright light coming off all the white marble. On our way to the Roman Coliseum the light pole shadow on the wall was irresistible!

Newlyweds picture at the entrance of the Pantheon.

Bride and groom posing at the Pantheon in downtown

Black and white image as the couple walks away on sampietrini

Newlyweds posing at San Ivo alla Sapienza in the city center

Black and white shoot at Teatro Marcello in Italy

A little snail resting on the hand of the groom

Bride looking at the small snail resting on the groom's hand

Couple kissing in love in front of a bus Teatro Marcello

Bride and groom sitting down on stairs by the Capidoglio piazza

newlyweds sitting down at the Vittorio Emanuele stairs in front of the monument.

Newlyweds kissing next to the shadow of a light pole onto the street wall

Marriage picture at the Roman Colosseum

The Coliseum. Man and woman in matrimonial attire sitting on a wall.

Looking at one another at the Coliseum

Shoes over SPQR manhole cover

Final wedding picture of a couple kissing at the Roman Coliseum

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Rome photoshoot in wedding attire
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Rome photoshoot in wedding attire
Getting married and taking your matrimonial pictures in a beautiful Italian city. On a splendidly sunny day.