A super charming wedding in Palombara Sabina

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A Wedding near Rome

What a stunning view  of the Italian countryside from Castello Savelli in Palombara Sabina.  A town just north of Rome in the Lazio region of Italy. A dream come true wedding which began right at the castle with the civil ceremony. I was there a little before to photograph the final preparations and the groom as he waited for the bride to arrive. She arrived in splendid beauty and the ceremony began in this intimate room. After we had some drinks in front of the wonderful panoramic view. We took some group pictures both outside and inside the castle followed by some more fun and creative photos with guests, friends and family.

The reception in Villa La Tartaruga Sabina

Then we moved on to the town street alleyways of Palombara Sabina where we captured some more casual photography in Italy.  Just a quick stop at the bar as we waited for the wedding car and then off to Villa La Tartaruga Sabina.  A Fiat 500 pulled up in the meantime which made for some really fun pictures with some of the guests. The reception at the Villa was really nice immerse in a beautiful sunset.  We took some more pictures before leaving time for the all the festivities.  Congratulations!

The town of Palombara Sabina in Italy seen from a distance

The castle Savelli at Palombara Sabina.

The view from Castello Savelli Lazio Italy.

Petals on the ground before the wedding.

The groom prepares the room for the ceremony.

Bride's maid 1

Bride's maid 2

The bride makes her entrance in the civil wedding

Exchanging of the ring

Close up ring exchange

The groom may kiss the bride

Newlyweds exit the civil wedding ceremony.

Opening the sparkling wine bottle 1

Opening the sparkling wine bottle 2


The view of the Lazio region countryside from Castle Palombara Sabina

Wedding photographer in front of the castle.

Fun pictures of the bridal party

Friends and guests having fun at the Castle 1

Friends and guests having fun at the Castle 3

Bride and groom kissing at the doors of Castle Savelli Italy

Typical characteristic alleyways in Palombara Sabina Italy

The bride's red wedding shoes.

The bridal party photographed walking in Italy

Picture of the bride's mais inside a FIAT 500

Guests having fun inside a FIAT 500 car

The wedding car photographed sideways.

Villa la Tartaruga Sabina. Palombara Sabina. Italy.

The remaining can

At the end of the car ride this was the last can standing.

The reception table

Bride and groom seat post arrangement.


Bride jumping in the air with the bride's maids.

The groom jumping over the fence.

Italian countryside.

More wedding photography from Palombara Sabina, Tuscany and Rome.

Sample wedding photo shoot from the blog: Civil Wedding in Rome.

A super charming wedding in Palombara Sabina
Article Name
A super charming wedding in Palombara Sabina
A fun and playful matrimony in the beautiful Castle Savelli in the town of Palombara Sabina found in the Lazio region.

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    Andrea the photos look amazing. Myself and tania are delighted with what we see so far.

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