Destination Wedding Photography in Rome: Ana & Gabriel

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The Photography session

It all started with a fabulous make-up session in a hotel in the center of Rome next to the ancient Roman Pantheon. A beautiful bride preparation and we can safely say that outside was cold and inside was warm! When ready we had to walk down to the Pantheon and begin there with the destination wedding photography session. Gorgeous pictures of a lovely couple. An interesting Rome Car Tour ride with a dedicated driver took us to the many different locations.

Here is the Itinerary

Ponte Castel Sant’Angelo with its beautiful angels statues on all sides. Ponte Umberto I with the stunning view over the Vatican Cathedral. Saint Peter’s square in all its magnificent beauty. The Gianicolo water fountain and the sweeping view over the city. And a lesser know cloister Accademia di Spagna which I find extremely evocative. We end up the at the Roman Colosseum where we concluded the session.

Time went by so fast and before we knew it the photographer session was over. But not before bringing home some really nice wedding pictures. Congratulations!

Matrimonial makeup and hairstyle session. Inside a Hotel room.

Portrait during a bridal preparation

View of Church Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena in Rome Italy view from a window

Mirror image reflection of a bride

Groom putting on the shoes of the bride

Close up portrait of the bride getting ready for marriage.

Newlyweds petting a horse at the Pantheon.

Newlyweds at the Pantheon black and white version.

Portrait of a newlywed couple at the Pantheon. Outside view.

Couple posing in front of a street poster in the Italian streets.

Castel Sant'Angelo with the bride and groom posing in front of the exterior facade.

Castel Ponte Sant'Angelo. Full view of bride and groom in their matrimony attire.

Walking hand in hand on Castel Sant'Angelo bridge.

Romantic picture of a newlywed couple in front of Saint Peter's square in the Vatican city.

Black and white session at the Vatican Saint Peter's underneath the colonnade

Birds flying in the air at Saint Peter's square

Destination wedding photographer. Rome Italy . Romantic matrimonial photography session at Fontanone.

Wedding photography shoot at Gianicolo Rome Italy

Matrimony couple in front of Accademia di Spagna.

Newlyweds posing in front of the Colosseum.

Colosseum in black and white picture. Bride and groom posing.

Silhouette at the Roman Colosseum.

Silhouette couple kissing with the sun in between

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Destination Wedding Photography in Rome: Ana & Gabriel
Article Name
Destination Wedding Photography in Rome: Ana & Gabriel
A ravishing wedding photographer session in Rome Italy with a beautiful couple. From the roman Pantheon to the Colosseum (and everything you can do in between with a car)