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The Symbolic Matrimony

Canzone del Mare beach resort

Justine and Danny’s wedding in Capri was fantastic not just for the wonderful location but also for their being  so great and easy going. The weather wasn’t on our side but we all chipped in our best to make this a remarkable event. Everything was ready, the rings, the bouquet, the photographer, the sand for the symbolic ceremony and after the arrival of the celebrant we began on the platform of Canzone del Mare with the Faraglioni rocks in the distance.

The seaside ceremony

It was a marvelous effect to have the sea water run so close and have fishermen on their boats at sea and scuba divers as witnesses! The sand was united in a single cup and the rings were posed on large grain salt before the memorable exchange. We also took a stroll over to Scoglio delle Sirene where we found this beautiful rock on the shore which made for a great photo idea.  Congratulations to both and thank you for allowing me to photograph this special event.

Images by Andrea Matone photographer.

Wedding Photographer Capri island Italy

The bride's bouquet and the groom's buttonhole flower

The sand set in bag for the wedding ceremony on the island of Capri

The wedding couple in front of the Faraglioni rocks in the Italian island of Capri

The luxurious wedding rings set on orange background

Bride and groom about to get married in Capri Italy in front of the Faraglioni at Canzone del Mare

Wedding bride looking through the photographer's camera

The sand falls into the cup for a symbolic wedding in Capri

A picture of the groom up close with the buttonhole flower

The wedding rings deposited on salt

Wedding couple getting married on the island of Capri by the sea

Joining the sand in the same cup as a symbol of wedding union

Bride and groom holding hands in Canzone del Mare on the island of Capri

Wedding Photographer Capri. Couple holding hands in front of the Faraglioni by photographer Andrea Matone

Wedding in Capri in black and white fine art photography

Black and white fine art wedding photography by photographer Andrea Matone exclusive Capri version

Putting the ring on a bride's hand during a private wedding ceremony

Trying the wedding ring on by the bride

The celebrant reads I pronounce you husband and wife

The groom may kiss the bride in Capri

Getting married in Capri in Italy and finding the right photographer

Happiness groom bride portrait

Wedding couple looking into each other's eyes

Wedding couple just married in Capri island

Capri island wedding photo shoot

Wedding marriage in black and white photography

Wedding husband and wife just married on a jetty in Italian Capri

Wedding photographer shoot at Lo Scoglio delle Sirene sull'isola di Capri

The wedding shoes on the small pebbles on the beach of Lo Scoglio delle Sirene in Marina Piccola Capri

Bride and groom's feet in the sea water Mediterranean

Walking on the pebble beach on the island of Capri Italy

Lo scoglio delle Sirene Marina Piccola beach Capri Italy

The Scoglio delle Sirene beach by Marina piccola

Bride and Groom in Capri by Wedding Photographer Andrea Matone

The final wedding toast between the bride and groom

The pool at la canzone del mare on the island of Capri in marina Piccola

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A special matrimony on the island of Capri
Article Name
A special matrimony on the island of Capri
A wonderful once in a lifetime marriage celebrated on the island of Capri in Italy. Such a unique place to celebrate a matrimony. Splendidly celebrated at a well known beach resort.


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    You look beautiful!

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    Beautiful photos! What a gorgeous spot for a wedding!

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    oh my goddness Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I love love the close ups and will have to have a copy of that one for the family wall.
    I would have loved to hear the vows and hope there is a video around somewhere.
    You both look amazing and I hope you remember this day forever and ever.

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    Those are awesome!!!

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    I have the biggest smile on my face looking thru these pics! Both of your expressions are so true to yourselves… i almost feel like i was there. Congrats guys! im very happy for you both… (and more importantly- this worked out perfectly for ME too!~ Love my Tini!)

  • Susan says:

    These photos are fabulous ! They should be in a magazine! Beautiful bride, handsome groom and gorgeous location. Congratulations