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Tuscany Wedding Photography

By 23 October 2023January 25th, 2024Tuscany, Wedding

Tuscan Country House

Destination Wedding

An enchanting destination wedding in Tuscany Italy taking place in a beautiful country house in the outskirts of Florence.  Situated in a panoramic position on top of a hill that embraces a picturesque view over the florentine countryside. The wedding day photography started with pictures of the bride and groom. With the photographer arriving a little earlier to get acquainted with the surroundings. To capture initial shots of the villa and the amenities. As well as the beautiful flower details!


Meeting the handsome groom soon after to take some nice getting ready shots. Together with friends and family. Posing the portraits by the natural light found shining through the windows. Alternating both video and photography. And as the groom moved below to welcome the arriving guests. We moved over to the other room to meet the bride which looked stunning! Starting with some nice bridal photos by the window light as well as some sitting down shots.

Arc of flowers for the Wedding ceremony in Tuscany Wedding Photography

Groom getting ready photographs during prep

Bridal portrait standing by the widow light during bride preparation

Flower arch used for the wedding ceremony photographed in stand alone. Tuscany wedding photography

Groom looking out the window as he is gettin g ready

Best man holding the wedding rings in his hand

Wedding bride smiling while sitting down and taking bridal pictures by the window

The Wedding Ceremony

It was an enchanting wedding ceremony. Taking place in the small countryside yard with an intimate gathering of close friends and family. Underneath a beautiful arch of flowers.  Surrounded by the tuscan hills and greenery. Celebrated by a friend celebrant which made it extra special! The exchange of the wedding vows and of the wedding rings was heartfelt. And the bride and groom were welcomed by lots of joy and happiness. Under a cascade of confetti thrown from above by the participating guests.  After the event, we gathered together to take family pictures with the Tuscany Photographer before venturing out with the bride and groom to take newlywed Tuscany wedding photography in around the estate!

The outdoor Tuscany wedding ceremony with the bride and groom in a scenic tuscan villa

The exchange of the wedding rings photographed up close

Bride and groom just married exit from the wedding ceremony

Bridesmaids portrait with the bride photographed in front of the arch of flowers

Walking out of the wedding ceremony hand in hand

The Bride and Groom Tuscany Wedding Photography

Afterwards, the tuscany wedding photographer and videographer led the newly married couple into the olive tree field and vineyard for the couple photoshoot in Tuscany. Fund around the villa estate to take bride and groom shots. Where we found many different landscape views to take pictures in. Just as the golden light started to set in and the sun descending below the hills. Producing a beautiful smooth light which was perfect to get some nice just married Tuscany wedding photography! Concluding the Tuscany wedding photography with some final drone video footage from above.

Bride and groom shots taken in tuscan countryside

Newlyweds just married taking Tuscany wedding photography pictures. Wedding photography in Tuscany

Close up of bride and groom together after the wedding

Picking up the bride during the wedding photography session with the photographer and videograherWalking up the hill holdings hands. Tuscany wedding photography

Bride and groom photographed in the Tuscany countryside. Artistic photography. Tuscany Wedding PhotographyNewlyweds walking together after having taken wedding photos in Tuscany wedding photography

The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was absolutely fantastic! Full of events and beautiful set ups. First it started with the refreshments and typical Italian soft drinks. Served in colorful small glass bottles which looked like collector’s items! Then after a small break, dinner began in the beautiful courtyard. With suggestive candle lit tables. Waiting for the bride and groom to arrive in a running entrance!

And then dinner followed with lots of fun and enjoyment. Alternating servings in between heartfelt speeches. And unique and fun scavenger hunt games. Getting everyone ready for the bride and groom to cut the cake before making it live in front of all the guests! Ending this marvelous Tuscany wedding photography with the last dance and a typical Scottish group dance which brought in a lot of fun and laughter in trying to reproduce all the dancing moves!

Colorful drink at a wedding reception

The wedding reception as guests approach the table

The guests enjoying the wedding reception

Picture of the wedding villa photographed outside from the courtyard wedding decorated with table set up for dinner and flowers and candles

Guests taking pictures of each other on their mobile phones

Close up of the wedding table hosting the reception dinner. Still life photography

The guests enjoying the wedding reception

Sun setting over the tuscan mountains

Close up of the wedding decorated table with glasses and lit candles

A tuscany decorated wedding countrystyle

Countryside wedding venue photography at sundown during the blue hour. Tuscany wedding photography

Children playing at a wedding reception

Guests welcoming the entrance of the bride and groom

The groom and the bride sitting down at their table for dinner

View of the tables from above

Selfie shot of the bride and groom together with friends and familyCelebrating with a bottle of sparkling Italian prosecco wineThe ice cream man arrived on bicycle

The cutting of the homemade cakeToasting and celebrating matrimony with friends and familyItalian ice cream offered to the bride

The first dance grand finale end of the Tuscany wedding photography service


Time of the year: early October
Time of day: from 2:00 pm until nighttime
Service: Tuscany Wedding Photography
Duration: Full wedding day from the Bride and Groom preparations. The wedding ceremony. Bride and groom shots. Reception and dinner. First dance and cutting of the cake!
Wedding venue: La Sorgente di Francesca, Firenze Italy
Wedding planner: Lusso Events

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Curated Tuscany Wedding Photography by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Countryside Tuscany Wedding Photography
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Countryside Tuscany Wedding Photography
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