The wedding proposal

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Villa Borghese. Rome, Italy

We set up this beautiful wedding proposal in the Villa Borghese park. Meeting in front of the Galleria Borghese museum. After casual acknowledgment we slowly walked to the spot I had in mind for the proposal. I stood at a distance and when the moment came I was ready to photograph.
The proposal was perfect with great surprise and a lot of happiness! Afterwards we introduced ourselves and soon after began an engagement photo session. We used the park and the surroundings which provided a beautiful setting to take pictures. Then we moved back to the museum to take some photos by the fountains and at the entrance. The staircase is also a very scenic place to include. We concluded the photo session in the back gardens of the Villa with some fun pictures and by the beautiful water fountain.

Walking together in a park hand in hand.

The moment of the surprise proposal photographed in a park.

Photo of the surprise wedding proposal taken at a distance.

Close up image of the engagement ring placed after the surprise proposal.

Showing off the ring!

Dancing in the park in the Borghese Villa.

Picture of the engagement ring underwater.

Holding a sculpture sphere during an e-session.

Engagement photo shoot at the back of the Villa Borghese museum.

Engagement photo session of a couple.

Standing on top of a scenic staircase by the Villa Borghese museum.

Kissing in a park.

Time of the year: October
Time of day: Mid day
Duration: 1 hr
Location: Villa Borghese

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Surprise wedding proposal at Villa Borghese
Article Name
Surprise wedding proposal at Villa Borghese
Beautiful pictures of a Wedding Proposal photographed at the Villa Borghese park. Followed by a fun engagement session around the park and the nearby Galleria Villa Borghese.