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Private Wedding Ceremony in Rome

By 24 September 2015February 5th, 2020Rome, Wedding

Bride and Groom preparations

The big wedding day started with the preparations taking place at the Colosseo 47 Luxury apartments. An exclusive Rome Vacation rental with a stunning view over the Roman Coliseum. When I arrived I found the bride in the expert hands of Janita hair and make-up. Photographing the bride was easy as she was just glowing with beauty! The groom was also in great shape in the expert hands of a high-tech steamer which convinced me in seconds about the ability of steam to penetrate deep into fabrics releasing wrinkles faster than any iron I have ever seen! I must get one as soon as possible. But let’s not get side tracked. We also gathered some really nice photography of the groom during his preparation. I was going back and forth to cover both happenings while we all took great care to make sure the bride and groom didn’t run into each other by mistake. The wedding photo session also contained pictures of all the details: the bouquet, the wedding rings on strawberries, the shoes, the dress, Hugo Boss and the watch as well as the vow booklets.

Bridal hair and make up session

Bridal leg garter being put on by a woman

Wedding shoes close up on couch

Groom preparation. Putting on the tie

Groom putting on shoes

Bridal necklace photographed from the back during closing

Woman with veil looking through the makeup mirror

Bride is ready. Inside apartment look

The bouquet and the vows

Man lacing closing tying up the shoes

The First Look

The first look took place on the Monte Oppio hill overlooking the Roman Colosseum from above. Where the Video operator also joined us to capture in film the essence of this truly amazing moment as the bride was waiting for the groom to arrive in this magnificent setting. They came together overlooking the majestic landmark of the Coliseum among the amazement of many bystander tourists. Some of which bicyclists and as you read on this presence will be a reoccurring theme.
As we were waiting for the chauffeured car to arrive we decided to take some pre wedding pictures and video in the surrounding streets. First by this vintage classic yellow Fiat 500 Cinquecento car parked on the side of the street. Which made for a fantastic Italian prop. Then we set our eyes on this magnificent machine: a tourist carrying golf cart. Also parked by the side of the street. In just a second the groom was on it taking off with the bride full floored with cars spinning fast all around.. with a little help from Photoshop.

Bride ready at the Colosseum in Rome Italy

Groom approaching

Groom and bride at the Colosseum kissing

Wedding couple descending hill at the Coliseum in Rome

The first look wedding marriage

Marriage details of the bride & groom

Groom and bride leaning on a yellow fiat 500 parked

Groom driving a golf cart in between traffic

Exchanging vows in a Park

We were planning to exchange wedding vows in the park of the Catacombs of San Calisto in Rome. I have to say we encountered various difficulties but overcame the problems with flying colors! First the location was more crowded than we had hoped. But no problem we found a side park view which was just enchanting. Right in between two Cypress trees. Then I have to mention that the wind really put the video operator audio capture at test. But we managed. This said the ceremony was truly heartfelt and after the exchanging of the vows there was much contagious joy and happiness! Which was celebrated with champagne toasting. We concluded the photo session with some really fine photography of the bride and groom walking in the middle of the street with all the cypress trees on the side. A fairy tale romantic love story!

Walking to the private ceremony

Video sound check

Exchanging of vows in a field during a Private Park Wedding Ceremony Photography in Rome

The symbolic marriage ceremony in between cypress trees in a park

Touching and emotional moment

You are married

Celebration toast

Bride and groom walking together under cypress trees in Italy

Walking on a road with cypress trees

Wedding Photography in Rome

For the video and wedding photo session we chose unique once in a lifetime locations. Starting with the ancient Appian road as a background. Gathering some stunning and fun pictures! Dodging bicyclists and various bystanders which at times helped compose the image. See the before and after pictures down below.
Then we were off to a truly unique location. An off-the-beaten-path park containing ancient roman ruins: Villa di Massenzio.
This was a great opportunity to take photos inside a most exclusive roman Villa. Simply a fantastic location for romantic wedding pictures with spectacular ancient roman remains in a sweeping view setting over the Italian countryside. From there we moved on by car to the Gianicolo water fountain. To complete the photographer session with a spectacular view of the city of Rome from above and of the breathtaking water fountain. This is also the place where we took some nice portrait images with the car. We completed the wedding day with one last quick destination. The Roman Forum for one last breathless eternal picture..

Appia antica Ancient Appian wedding photo shoot

Newlyweds standing on the ancient Appian roman road

Groom and bride close up photography together

Looking at each other photo session 1


Looking at each other photo session 2 with many bystanders

After [or vice versa]

Circo Massimo Circus Maxentius Married couple walking together among ancient roman ruins during a photography session in Rome Italy Holding on to each other's hand in a field after a wedding

Bride and Groom in the sky creative imagery Leaning on an ancient roman wall during a photo and video session

Happy together at a famous water fountain in Rome

Holding each other's hand and looking at one another

Crossing the street together

Bride and groom during their photography session in Rome Italy with the roman skyline behind them Wedding car portrait Final image at the Roman Forum

Want to see more wedding pictures? CHECK OUT THE PORTFOLIO

Time of the year: September
Time of day: Daytime
Duration: 6 hrs
Location: 47 Luxury Suites Colosseo
Venue: The catacombs of St. Callixtus

A very special thanks for making this happen goes out to:

Hair and make up: Janita Helova
Video serviceCristiano Baldassari
Chauffeur car transfer: WheretoRome
Photography & post processing: Andrea Matone photography studio

> The Roman Colosseum 
> Catacombs of Saint Callixtus
> The ancient Appian road
> Villa di Massenzio
> The Gianiculum hill
> The Roman Forum

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Exchanging wedding vows
Article Name
Exchanging wedding vows
Private Park Wedding Ceremony Photography in Rome. From the bride and groom preparation in an apartment near the Colosseum to a unique photo session by car through some of the best Roman locations including some exclusive off the beaten trail spots