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Couple Photo Shoot in Rome

By 1 July 2021January 26th, 2024Couple, Rome

What a Spectacular Photo Session in Rome!

Rome is such a romantic city to visit together! It can be the perfect location for an unforgettable Rome photoshoot love story couple photo session. Starting from Palazzo Manfredi, we took a minivan car service to reach the nearby Roman Colosseum. Where we began shooting on the beautiful Colle Oppio park overlooking the Colosseum from above. Taking a mixture of couple portraits as well as some more spontaneous shots with this amazing monument in the background. Then we took a nice walk down by the surrounding  neighborhood. Where we had parked a nice white Piaggio Liberty scooter which we used as prop for the Couple Photo Shoot in Rome.

Couple dancing pose photographed during a Photo Shoot in Rome Italy near the Colosseum

Casual hanging out picture by the roman coliseum

Kissing on a Roman Holiday

Walking on a cobblestone alleyway in the streets of Rome

Sitting down on an Italian white scooter during a photo session

Our next stop was the one and only Trevi fountain! Still beautiful as ever even after the coronavirus pandemia. And not at all crowded with people and visitors. So we were really able to get some great portrait shots during our Couple Photo Shoot in Rome. With stunningly beautiful golden light shining through from the side buildings.
Then our next stop was the the Spanish steps. Which were also as beautiful as ever. Taking creative and unique pictures as we descended the large marble staircases. Reaching all the way down to the Barcaccia water fountain found at the bottom of the steps. It was the walking back up the stairs all the way to the top that proved to be somewhat difficult! Luckily we don’t have pictures of the photographer in Rome panting for air..

Trevi fountain Couple Photo Shoot in Rome

Portrait shot

Portrait picture close up at the Fontana di Trevi in Roma

Posing in front of the Trevi fountain during a Couple Photo Shoot in Rome

Walking down the Spanish steps staircase hands in hands

Our next stop was the beautiful Pincio park outlook. Which has just the most amazing view over the Rome skyline at sunset. Perfect for Rome proposal at sunset! Catching the very last rays of light in an awesome set of Couple Photo Shoot in Rome pictures. Mixing again portraits and more casual shots. Lastly, we took the minivan to the nearby Via Marghutta. A street made famous from the epic classic movie Roman Holiday. So the photo session could not be complete if we didn’t include some typical and characteristic alleyways shots!

A romantic kiss taken by the water fountain found at the bottom of Piazza di Spagna

Photoshooting a couple at the Pincio park overlook

Fun and casual photography session on the terrace with a view of the Vatican's Saint Peter's cathedral in the far distance. Couple Photo Shoot in Rome

Walking holding hands in the cobblestone alleyways in Via Marghutta Couple Photo Shoot in Rome

Red Valentino photoshoot. Couple Photo Shoot in Rome

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Time of the year: June
Time of day: mid afternoon 5:00 pm into evening
Duration: 3 hr Couple Photo Shoot in Rome with car service and motor scooter Piaggio Liberty white prop
Location: Roman Coliseum | Trevi fountain | Piazza di Spagna | Parco del Pincio | Via Marghutta (roman alleyway)
Curated imagery by the A. Matone photography studio. For proposals in Rome check out the Proposal Photographer in Rome service. Here are some similar couple phoots in Rome: Couple photo shoot and Rome couple photo shoot.

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Romantic Couple Photo Shoot in Rome Italy
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Romantic Couple Photo Shoot in Rome Italy
A love story photo session photographed in the streets of Rome starting at the Roman Coliseum and making our way to some of the most scenic and iconic locations in Rome.
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