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Golden hour pictures in Rome!

A most beautiful and romantic couple photoshoot in Rome Italy!  Starting the session at the Trevi fountain in the late afternoon into dusk. Taking some wonderful portraits by the fountain’s water edge. And up on the ledge with the beautiful marble statues as backdrop. Where we had just a great warm golden hour sun starting to shine through. Then we headed by car to the Spanish steps where we had the unique opportunity to shoot by the balcony overlooking Via Condotti. And down below the staircase by the Barcaccia water fountain. Capturing some really nice couple pictures in one of the most stylish and beautiful location in the city of Rome.

We also quickly drove by Parco del Pincio to include some truly unique skyline images overlooking the city from above! With a one of a kind view over the roman skyline. Then we continued the photo shoot into the Vatican city. Stopping over in the stunningly beautiful Saint Peter’s square. And shooting among ancient statues and massively large marble columns. Recreating interesting geometrical effects. As well as next to the refreshing splashes of water coming from the fountains found in the square. Which created a nice water cloud around our couple! Our last stop was the Roman Colosseum where we caught some final posed portrait pictures including some cool silhouette images!

Sitting down portrait images of a couple posing on the water edge of Fontana di Trevi on a nice summer day in Rome

Posed standing on the Spanish steps balcony overlooking via Condotti in the far distance. Romantic picture of being together.

Laughing and kissing while having fun during a Rome Couple Photo Shoot by the AM photographer studio. Lifestyle photography in Italy

In love in Rome photo shoot by the Barcaccia water fountain found on the bottom of the Spanish steps in Piazza di Spagna Roma

Couple photographed in the main square of Saint Peter's square in the Vatican. Piazza San Pietro photo session

Portrait picture under the water splashes coming from the fountains in Saint Peter's square. Water is in the air

Couple portrait picture among the columns found in the St. Peter's main square. Creating an original and creative geometrical effect as background to the Rome photo shoot

Posing for a portrait picture at the Roman Colosseum. Couple standing together and kissing before one of the main iconic landmarks in Rome

Chivalry at the Coliseum in Rome. Silhouette couple image. Photo taken at dusk after sunset. Blue hour moment


Location: Rome city center
Time of the year
: June
Time of day: Late afternoon into evening 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Photography Service type: 3 hr couple photo shoot with 3 hr car service
Location: Fontana di Trevi | Piazza di Spagna | Parco del Pincio | St. Peter’s square in the Vatican | Roman Colosseum
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Expedient Image delivery

Including this option will allow you to received 3-5 pictures shot as is and received right then and there or within day’s end. In low resolution either via email or by whatsapp. Receiving all the photos, with post processing image enhancement, within 2 weeks’ time or earlier in high and low resolution via cloud server download transfer.

Black and White conversion

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Picture taking in Rome at the Golden Hour
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Picture taking in Rome at the Golden Hour
A beautiful and romantic couple photo shoot in some of the most scenic roman locations! Taking a car ride through the city in search of the perfect place to take unique and creative couple photography.
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