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Villa Borghese Lakeside Proposal

Picturing Forever: Proposal Photography

Villa Borghese lake, Rome, Italy

In the soft, golden embrace of Rome‘s enchanting Villa Borghese park, a tale of love unfolded beneath the watchful gaze of the Temple of Aesculapius. As the sun dipped low, casting its warm glow over the ancient grounds, two hearts beat in harmony, ready to embark on a new chapter together.

With the Temple of Aesculapius standing majestically in the background, a symbol of resilience and healing, the scene was set for a moment of profound significance. Against this backdrop of timeless beauty, one soul knelt before another, offering not just a ring, but a promise of forever—a promise to navigate life’s journey hand in hand, through sunlit days and starlit nights.

In the tranquil serenity of the Villa Borghese lake, amidst the whispers of ancient trees and the gentle rustle of leaves, love found its voice. And as the golden hour painted the sky with golden light, it was clear that this proposal in Rome was not just about a ring, but about the promise of a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and shared dreams—a promise that would endure long after the sun had set on this magical evening in Rome.

A celebration of this beautiful moment followed together with unique and creative engagement photos in Rome in this picturesque setting, immortalized in golden light photos of a Roman sunset, a testament to the timeless beauty of love!

One of the entrances to the Villa Borghese park standing underneath tall Mediterranean pine trees

Man kneeling down during the proposal moment in the Villa Borghese location by the lake side

Placing the engagement ring on the hand after having proposed in Rome Italy Engagement photography in Rome's Villa Borghese lake

She said yes proposal moment Couple close up portrait photography in the beautiful golden light

Couple taking pictures together in the park by the water side of Borghese lake


Time of the year: mid April
Time of day: 5:00 pm in the afternoon during the golden hour
Services: 0.5 hour Villa Borghese Lakeside Proposal with expedient image delivery
Location: Villa Borghese, Rome. A soothing lakeside wedding marriage proposal in front of a small lake with an ancient temple in the background.
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone Rome photographer studio. Producing unique and creative photoshoots in Rome carried out by the most talented photographers in Italy. Villa Borghese Lakeside Proposal

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Villa Borghese Lakeside Proposal
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Villa Borghese Lakeside Proposal
Asking the question in the golden light of a beautiful day in the Villa Borghese lake in Rome candidly photographed from a distance
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