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Terrace proposal in Rome

Asking the Big question in the Eternal city

A Proposal Love Story in Rome

A fantastic wedding marriage proposal in the Eternal city candidly photographed from a terrace overlooking a fabulous 17th-century Baroque church facade. The frame view included the beautiful ornate facade of the church, known for its detailed carvings and historical significance. When the couple arrived, the photographer wa sitting down at a table with admiring the view but yet secretly set up to photograph and video record this once in a lifetime moment!

When the kneel down proposal arrived it was welcomed with a lot of Joy and Enthusiasm. And it was easy for the proposal photographer to immortalize the whole moment. The proposer knelt down, held out a ring, and asked the Big question. Discreetly photographed at a discreet distance, ensuring to document the event without any interruption.

After the proposal, we continued taking engagement photos in around the terrace. Finding out small details to include in the picture frames. As well as trying out different views and poses! Taking pictures of the engagement ring. And celebrating with a toast of Italian Prosecco sparkling wine!

Couple standing on a terrace overlooking a 17th century baroque church

Vertical portrait of a couple during an engagement photo session on scenic terrace at sunset

Kneeling down for a Terrace proposal in Rome candidly photographed from afar during a photoshoot

Close up of the proposal moment in which the ring is put on, on a terrace in Rome

Closeup of the engagement ring with the couple kissing in the background

Posed portrait of a couple during a terrace photo shoot in Rome Italy after a romantic proposal session

Toasting with bright yellow prosecco wine in glass flutes with the engagement ring framed in the picture

Sitting down portrait of a couple posing in front of the camera after a Terrace proposal in Rome with a view over church domes

Couple closeup portrait

Engagement ring photo

Piazza Navona seen from above


Time of the year: mid June
Time of day: 6:00 pm late afternoon into evening
Services: 0.5 hour Terrace proposal in Rome followed by engagement pictures in around the terrace
Locations: Terrace proposal in Rome with engagement photos in around the area
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone Rome photographer studio. Producing unique and creative photoshoots in Italy carried out by the talented photographers in Italy. Click here for more information regarding the set up of a private or semi private terrace proposal in Rome!

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Terrace Proposal in Rome
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Terrace Proposal in Rome
A evening of surprise, laughter and shared happiness candidly photographed on a terrace with a view over the city of Rome
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