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Surprise wedding proposal photography in Rome

By 17 July 2012February 1st, 2020Proposal, Rome

On the beautiful Castel Sant’Angelo Bridge

A beautiful surprise wedding proposal taking place on Ponte Castel Sant’Angelo. It was perfectly arranged and the surprise effect worked out well! I had to dodge a little bit the bystanders as they walked by but the moment was just perfect when it happened. A pleasant walk followed in a very relaxed atmosphere which took us from the bridge to in around Parco Villa Borghese. The park is a great location to have beautiful greenery as background and beautiful scenery of Rome from above. We took some pictures just laying down on the grass and leaning on trees.

The walking e-session

The engagement photography session ended in Piazza del Popolo where we photographed the beautiful water fountains capturing the stunning atmosphere that you can breath in the piazza. The obelisk and the Egyptian statues all contribute in setting up a truly unique experience. There are so many inspiring church which also proved to be great backdrops. Thank you for allowing me to photograph your wedding proposal!

Castel Sant'angelo bridge angel statue

The secret proposal asked on Castel Sant'Angelo bridge. Surprise wedding proposal photography in Rome.

Couple kissing after she said yes.

Kissing at Saint Peter's square underneath a bus poster image

Sitting down before the sweeping view of the city from above

Black and white picture of couple at Parco del Pincio overlooking Saint Peter's church

Walking in Parco Villa Borghese during an engagement session

Black and white picture of a couple kissing underneath a statue

Kissing at Parco del Pincio during a couple e-session

Sitting by a water fountain and looking up in Piazza del Popolo

Romantically in Piazza del Popolo. Couple e-session. Engagement style.

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Secret proposal on the Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge
Article Name
Secret proposal on the Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge
Asking for marriage on Castel Sant'Angelo bridge. A very romantic event with an engagement session following right after. Taking the tour through Villa Borghese park all the way to Piazza del Popolo.