Sposi Novelli photo session

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In the city of Rome

What a fabulous sposi novelli newlywed photo session in Rome! Staring with a truly roman hotel interior portrait! Before reaching the ancient Forum photographed from the above Piazza del Campidoglio. Then moving into the main square to look for some more great shots. Under ancient columns and next to large marble statues. Then we made our way to the Roman Colosseum to include some fun silhouette pictures! Ending this beautiful session in the majestic square of Saint Peter’s.

Newlyweds posing under a roman picture painting The groom and the bride posing in front of the ancient forum in Rome ItalyLaughing and having fun overlooking the Rome rooftops

Bride and groom sitting next to a large roman marble statueClose up image of a wedding couple just married at the ForumSilhouette image of a couple in love in Rome.

Newlyweds leaning against an ancient marble column

Sposi novelli wedding photography. Saint Peter's square. Vatican. Rome, Italy.

Walking underneath large marble columns at the Vatican


Time of the year: October
Time of day: Morning
Duration: 2 hrs by car service
LocationsTrevi fountain | Forum | Campidoglio | Colosseum | Saint Peter’s square
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Curated imagery by Andrea Matone photography studio

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Celebrating Sposi Novelli
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Celebrating Sposi Novelli
With a once in a lifetime photo session around the Vatican and the cty of Rome by car
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