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Photography session in black & white

In the beautiful city of Rome. Beginning with a romantic wedding photo shoot right in Saint Peter’s square. Under the spectacular colonnade and into the main square. Taking unique portrait pictures by the water fountain and under the Basilica.
Going to the Janiculum hill next overlooking to the city of Rome from above. To capture some stunning images of the panoramic view. And of the beautiful water fountain. Then we drove by the Roman Pantheon where we had the unique opportunity to privately shoot under the ancient columns. And under the ceiling hole which characterizes this ancient attraction.
Our last stop had to include the Roman Colosseum to complete this splendid newlywed photo session in Rome Italy.

St. Peter wedding photography session in Rome Italy

Bride and groom together under the Saint Peter's colonnade

Close up portrait image of the newlyweds

Groom and bride posing in the Vatican square

Kissing close up

Wedding ring wedding couple portrait

Grrom dipping the bride overlooking the roman rooftops

Just married in Rome photo session

Matrimonial pictures at the Roman Pantheon

Standing together under large columns at the Pantheon

Posing under the Pantheon ceiling hole

Black and white wedding image at the Colosseum. Rome, Italy.


Time of the year: October
Time of day: Midday
Duration: 2 hrs w/car service
Location: Saint Peter’s square | Janiculum hill | Pantheon | Colosseum 
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Rome Sposi Novelli photo shoot
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Rome Sposi Novelli photo shoot
Newlyweds photo session starting from the Vatican and visiting some of the most important roman attractions. In Black and white photography.
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