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Rome Trevi Fountain Proposal

Capturing Love in Rome!

A Proposal at the Trevi Fountain and Engagement Photos at the Spanish Steps

It all started at the iconic Trevi Fountain. The late afternoon sun cast a golden hue over the water, making it sparkle with different shades of azure and emerald green. The photographer discreetly positioned himself among the throng of tourists, ready to immortalize the moment. The couple arrived, their excitement palpable. He led her to a quieter corner, his hand slipping into his pocket for the ring. As he got down on one knee, her eyes widened with shock and joy. The proposal photographer clicked away, capturing the raw emotion, the happy tears, and the resounding “Yes!” that followed. The surrounding crowd cheered, adding a symphony of applause to the magical moment!

With the proposal a resounding success! We walked to the next part of the Rome photographer session: a leisurely walk to the Spanish Steps to continue with the photoshoot in Rome. Where the roman streets provided a romantic path to the Spanish Steps, bathed in a warm, golden light sun, creating a perfect ambiance for photos.

The couple’s happiness was contagious as we took more photos at various spots, from the base of the steps to the beautiful views from the top. The historic architecture and blooming flowers added a timeless elegance to each shot. The Spanish Steps, alive with the laughter and energy of locals and tourists alike, became the perfect backdrop for engagement photos after a once in a lifetime Rome trevi fountain proposal!

Kneeling down for a proposal at the Trevi fountain in Rome Italy

Surprised by a secret proposal done by the Trevi fountain in a beautiful summer afternoon

Couple kissing in front of the Trevi fountain during an engagement photo shoot in Rome Italy

Posed portrait together in Love in Rome after a romantic Trevi fountain proposal

Standing in front of the Spanish steps for an engagement photo shoot at Piazza di Spagna

Fontana di Trevi proposal candidly photographed from the side. Image of the engagement ring

Barcaccia water fountain couple photography

Final portrait picture taken in front of the roman skyline


Time of the year: late June
Time of day: 7:30 pm in the evening
Services: 1 hour Rome Trevi Fountain Proposal
Location: Trevi fountain and Piazza di Spagna
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone Rome photographer studio. Producing unique and creative photoshoots in Rome Italy carried out by the most talented Italy photographers. Click here for more Rome Trevi Fountain Proposal sessions

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Trevi fountain proposal in Rome
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Trevi fountain proposal in Rome
Romantic surprise wedding proposal candidly and professionally photographed at a distance by a photographer from the Andrea Matone photography studio. Then on a brief walk to the Spanish steps to continue with engagement photos
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