Engaged in Rome

By 18 August 2017February 4th, 2020Couple, Rome

Taking pictures around town

A truly remarkable photo session! Celebrating engagement to be married in the city of Rome. With a unique and creative photo session. Starting at the Trevi fountain experimenting with the last rays of light shining through the background. Then moving on foot towards the Roman Forum. Capturing some cool shots all along the way. Then reaching the Capitoline hill where we found so many different pictures ideas. From scenic roman statues. To large and wide staircases as well as the incredible view over the ancient ruins from above.  Trying to calibrate the right time to reach the Colosseum. Where the blue hour awaited to create some stunning colorful silhouette pictures. But not before swinging by the Constantine arch!

Kissing underneath the Trevi fountain with the last rays of lightCouple posing underneath an ancient roman statueMr and Mrs photo session under old columnsPortrait image of a couple under an arch

Portrait picture taken inside Galleria Alberto Sordi shopping mallPosed picture together on a large staircaseSitting down imagery before ancient roman ruinsJust Engaged in Rome photo shooting before the Constantine arch

Ti Amo I love you photo session in RomeSilhouette image taken during an engagement photo shoot in Rome Italy

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Time of the year: August
Time of day: Late afternoon into evening and into the blue hour
Duration: 3 hrs walking
Locations: Trevi fountain | Galleria Colonna | Piazza del Campidoglio | Forum  | Colosseum
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