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Proposal at the Trevi fountain

By 2 April 2022February 8th, 2024Proposal, Rome, Trevi

Finally Asking the Big Question in Rome!

This was a long awaited for proposal. Originally scheduled to take place in 2020. But we all remember what happened that year. So the Surprise Wedding Marriage Proposal in Rome was delayed into 2021. But again we were unable to find the right travelling plans. Finally, the right moment did come around this April 2022. As the perfect morning was just about to roll in at the Trevi fountain. Asking the big question under street light in a once in a lifetime location for a once in a lifetime proposal! And after the faithful yes, we continued on with the couple photoshoot in Rome in around the most iconic landmarks. Such as the Roman Colosseum!

Trevi fountain proposal

As the first light of dawn gently illuminated the ancient architecture of Rome, the Trevi Fountain stood in tranquil grandeur, its waters shimmering with a golden hue. The soft sound of the cascading water echoed through the empty square as a young couple arrived, the only people present at this early hour. With the fountain as their backdrop, he dropped to one knee, the hushed morning air carrying his heartfelt words of love and commitment. As the sun began to rise, she said “yes” with tears of joy, and the timeless beauty of the Trevi Fountain bore witness to the beginning of their forever. Perfectly immortalized by this Rome Photographer session in Italy.

Asking the big question one knee down proposal at Trevi fountain in Rome Italy. Image taken in the early morning with the street lights still on

The moment in which she said yes with lots of joy and happiness

Rome photoshoot engagement session at the Trevi fountain. Image by the Andrea Matone photography studio in Rome Italy

Taking engagement pictures at the Roman Coliseum in the early morning

Silhouette picture of an engaged couple during a roman photoshoot


Time of the year: April
Time of day: early morning proposal at 6:30 am with streets lights going off at 7:00 am
Services: 1 hr Proposal at the Trevi fountain photography session with car service to reach other locations in Rome
Location: Trevi fountain and Colosseum
Trevi fountain proposal photography session. Starting at the early AM to avoid the main crowds. Then taking a car ride to reach the Roman Colosseum. To continue with the engagement photos
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Curated images
by the Andrea Matone Photographer Rome Italy studio. Here are our photoshoots from Italy. We also take proposal photos in Amalfi and offer Positano photographer sessions. Together with Proposal shoots in Venice or as Tuscany proposal sessions.

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Proposal at the Trevi fountain in Rome Italy
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Proposal at the Trevi fountain in Rome Italy
A splendid and long awaited proposal taking place at the Trevi fountain in the early morning and then engagement pictures in around the city
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