Positano surprise wedding proposal

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A beautiful engagement on the Amalfi coast

What a beautiful and romantic moment this was! Strolling on the Positano beach at sundown. Pleasantly surprised by a romantic wedding marriage proposal right on the beach. With the spectacular view of the town of Positano in the background. After much joy and happiness. And after the time to recuperate from this wonderful surprise! We introduced ourselves and continued on a nice walk around the area to continue our Amalfi photoshoot to gather some nice engagement pictures.

Starting by walking hand in hand on the beachside. Then reaching the side marina to continue taking some nice portrait shots with the town far in the distance. Then it was time to walk up the many steps! Which lead to a terrace with a unique view over the seascape. A place where photographers gather to get some nice shots of the sweeping view. Then up more steps again to the road that leads into town. Where there is also a unique view.

Finally we headed back to the b&b for a beautiful candle light toast overlooking the city as it lit up for the blue hour. A fairytale location for a once in a lifetime moment!

The town of positano at sunset

The mediterranean sea on the Amalfi coast

Positano balcony view from a nearby terrace

Oranges on a tree

seaside beach water

Positano surprise wedding proposal on the beach

She said yes just engaged

Couple kissing on the beach with the town in the background

Romance in the alleyways

Couple close together looking at Positano's view

Celebrating engagement on terrace with a view

Cityscape at night with the lights turning on

Blue hour seascape

Just engaged toasting


Time of the year: March
Time of day: afternoon 17:30
Duration: 1.5 hr session
Location: Positano
Curated imagery by the AM photography studio
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