Surprised by a wedding proposal

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Popping the big question in Rome

A stunning wedding proposal this was. Happening on the Pincian hill in around sunset. The conditions were perfect as we arrived and soon after the big question was being asked in front of a stunning view of the roman rooftops. Such a big surprise followed by so much joy and happiness!

The big question being asked over a beautiful view. Pop the question Rome.

She said Yes after the big question.

The engagement session

This great feeling of bliss followed us all through the engagement session which followed by car around the city. After capturing some nice photos around Parco del Pincio we moved over to Piazza di Spagna and continued photographing as we walked over. The Spanish steps were so bright and sunny and provided some nice backdrops to our photography session.

Engaged in Italy. Picture of a couple in front of paintings.

Kissing after a surprise proposal question.

A car ride to Giardino degli Aranci

We then hopped in the car and headed to Giardino degli Aranci to continue our photo shoot. First we captured some nice pictures by the water fountain found at the entrance of the park. As we were walking along we also noticed some nice shadows on the wall and used them to compose a nice set of photos.
Then the stunning view of the cityscape from the terrace which was left mainly to ourselves. On our way out we drove by the Knights of Malta doorway to capture a quick glimpse of Saint Peter’s dome in the distance.

The Roman Colosseum

We reserved the last rays of light for the Roman Colosseum. A majestic location which completed this wonderful engagement photo shoot. Ending with a ride to dinner planned at the Taverna dei Quaranta in Rome.  But not before capturing the last image of the engagement ring!

The beautiful roman view used as background to an engagement photo session in Rome

Embracing each other next to light pole shadow on the wall. Artistic image.

Engagement ring photography

Time of the year: August
Time of day: sunset
Duration: 2 hrs w/car service
Parco del Pincio
Spanish steps
Giardino degli Aranci
The Roman Colosseum

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Surprising with a stunning proposal
Article Name
Surprising with a stunning proposal
The big question popped in Rome Italy. On the beautiful Pincian hill overlooking the city skyline. A stunning wedding proposal followed by an elegant engagement session around the surroundings.