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Horse Carriage Family photoshoot in Rome

By 22 August 2013February 1st, 2024Categories

What a great family photographer Rome photo shoot his was.  We met at the Roman Colosseum to start this family photo session.  The sun was out and the day was beautiful.  We were two Rome photographers shooting from different points of view.   After the Coliseum we moved onto by taxi to reach Piazza Venezia.  The idea of taking a horse and carriage ride popped up.  So we split up the photographers: one on one horse carriage with the adults and the other on the other carriage ride with the kids.  It was a lot of fun to get from one place to another!  And the ride was slow enough to enjoy all the beautiful views along the way.  The carriage ride took us first to Piazza Navona where the photo session continued underneath historical fountains and statues.  After a refreshing drink [Than you Avner!] we moved onto the Roman Pantheon.  We took pictures outside among the large marble columns and inside the Pantheon underneath the large hole on the ceiling.  Our family photo session ended there.  We had a great time.  Thank you for the wonderful day!  Special thank you to Sergio the second photographer.   More on photo tours here.

Horse Carriage Family photoshoot

The sun-kissed cobblestone streets of Rome set the stage for a timeless family photoshoot, as the family of four embarked on a picturesque horse carriage ride through the city. With the Colosseum standing proudly in the background, the parents and their two children laughed and shared intimate moments, capturing the essence of joy and togetherness. As the horse clip-clopped through narrow alleys and past ancient ruins, the photographer immortalized the love and warmth shared among the family, against the backdrop of Rome’s rich history and unparalleled beauty. Each snapshot seized the magic of the moment, preserving memories to be cherished for generations to come.

FAmily photo session in Rome portrait at the Roman Colosseum

Fun and play during a family photography session in Rome

Family photography in Rome before the Horse Carriage Family photoshoot

Drinking from a water fountain

Horse and carriage ride in Piazza Venezia Horse Carriage Family photoshoot

Couple kissing on a Horse Carriage Family photoshoot in front of Piazza Venezia in Rome

Waving hello

Romantic Horse Carriage Family photoshoot in Rome black and white photographic conversion






Horse Carriage Family photoshoot

Horse Carriage Family photoshoot kids petting the horse