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Couple photography in Rome

From Rooftop Romance to Ancient Marvels

A Couple’s Unforgettable Photoshoot in Rome

In the heart of Italy, where history and romance intertwine, Rome beckons couples from around the world to capture their affectionate moments against its timeless backdrop. A memorable couple photoshoot in Rome that took us from a picturesque terrace overlooking the city to the ancient marvels of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum.

Our adventure began at a charming rooftop terrace, offering panoramic views of Rome’s iconic skyline. Framed by the majestic dome of St. Peter’s Basilica and the rolling hills of the Eternal City. As the soft late afternoon light bathed the scene in a warm glow, the couple shared a toast against the backdrop of Rome’s breathtaking beauty. Against this stunning background, the Rome photographer captured intimate portraits, their smiles reflecting the joy of being together in Rome.

Black and white couple photography in Rome Italy taken on a scenic rooftop with a distant view

Together in Rome during a dun and romantic photo shoot in the Eternal city

Black & White photography of a couple posing together before the roman skyline Color version of the photo while posing and touching forehead

Couple photography in Rome

From the terrace, we made our way to the Roman Forum, once the heart of ancient Rome’s political and social life. Amidst the towering ruins of temples and basilicas, we continued this stylish photoshoot including different couple poses with the rich history of the ancient city as background. As we wandered through Piazza del Campidoglio we snapped some playful shots walking together under ancient porticos. With the Rome photoshoot capturing fun moments with the right light shining through the columns into the portico.

The final leg of our wonderful photoshoot in Italy took us to the legendary Colosseum, an icon of ancient Rome’s grandeur and glory. Standing before this architectural marvel, they embraced in silhouettes as a modern-day tribute to the eternal power of love!

Couple photography session on the Pincio terrace in Rome on a sunny day after rain that created water puddles

Black n White Rome photoshoot in Villa Borghese using an interesting water puddle

Having fun in front of an ancient roman water fountainCoupe photography in Rome taking pictures at the Roman Forum during a photo shoot

Splashing water to each other from a a fountainPhoto shooting at the Roman Colosseum as silhouettes emerge from the sun setting with bright vivid colors. Best Coupe photography in Rome


Time of the year: early May
Time of day: 5:00 pm in the afternoon into sunset
Services: 2 hour Couple photography in Rome with Black and white conversion
Locations: Sofitel Villa Borghese Terrace, Pincio terrace outlook, Piazza del Campidoglio with a view over the Roman Forum, Colosseum
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone Italy photographer studio: Couple photography in Rome. Also available for Rome photoshoots and photoshoots in Italy

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Taking pictures together in Rome
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Taking pictures together in Rome
Couple photoshoot starting from a scenic terrace with a nice overview of the city. Moving into the historical center starting with the Pincio terrace outlook. Then moving to the Campidoglio square and the ending the photoshoot at the Colosseum
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