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Couple Photo Shoot Session

By 23 November 2018April 14th, 2020Couple, Rome

In the city of Rome Italy

What a fabulous couple photography session this turned out to be! Taking creative and unique photos around the city of Rome by car. Going from one spot to another in search for the right picture frame and the right pose. Beginning with Saint Peter’s square in the Vatican. Shooting underneath the ancient columns trying to capture the linear geometrical effect as well as the lead away lines. Then taking some cool portrait pictures surrounded by splashing water fountain droplets! Then moving in the center of the square to photograph some nice posed portraits with the unique basilica as backdrop.

Couple standing kissing underneath the massive marble columns found in Saint Peter's square in the Vatican

Portriat picture of a couple surrounded by splashing water fountain droplets all around them

Posed portrait picture of couple taking pictures in front of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome's Vatican square

Close up portrait posed in front of St. Peter Cathedral

Standing by the sweeping view over the city of Rome photographed from the Janiculum hill

Then it was onward to the Janiculum hill posing in front of the sweeping view over the city of Rome from a distance. As well as some romantic portraits underneath the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola water fountain. Which has fantastic architecture and colors. Our final destination was the Spanish steps. Taking photos while descending the staircase and from the terrace. Concluding the photography session with some final romantic images down below the Barcaccia water fountain!

Sitting down image in front of the Fontanone fountain

Close up version image of a couple kissing during a photo shoot session in Rome

Standing close together by the marble terrace of Piazza di Spagna

Barcaccia water fountain couple kissing portrait


Time of the year: November
Time of day: Midday
Duration: 3 hr with car service
Location: Vatican S. Peter | Janiculum hill | Spanish steps
Curated imagery by Andrea Matone photography studio
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Photo shooting in Rome Italy
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Photo shooting in Rome Italy
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