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Amalfi photo session

By 15 July 2022November 27th, 2022Amalfi, Amalfi Coast

Engagement pictures on the Amalfi coast

What a truly amazing couple photo session on the Amalfi coast. Meeting in the early AM on the staircase of the Duomo of Amalfi. A suggestive medieval Roman Catholic Cathedral which allows for some really unique and creative photography! Aided by my trusted assistant, we were able to recreated some interesting lighting effects. From the staircase up to the portico. Inspired by some really nice silhouettes and by the atmosphere of the morning sun shining though the windows in between the embellished columns.

Then we headed toward the pier to catch a glimpse of the town in the background with the nice lead away lines. Where some excellent portrait pictures come out with such awesome light!  Then we took some photos of walking around with the town in the background. Jumping down to the beach level to see if we could capture some nice walking shots by the water. But the rocks on the shore don’t make for the perfect surface to walk to on. And when the heat started to beam in from the rising sun. We headed back into town and grabbed a coffee while using the moment to capture some really nice romantic hanging out shots. Ending the photoshoot with some Amalfi alleyways pictures as well as some more silhouette images!

Silhouette image of a couple together in love at the Duomo of Amalfi in ItalyDuomo if Amalfi photoshoot posed on the staircase leading up to the Cathedral Amalfi photoshoot. Engagement portrait close together in front of the Amalfi coast Whispering into each other's ear during a photoshoot at a bar cafè in the town Posed picture posed under flash light in a white alleyway

Standing and taking photos among the columns of the Amalfi DuomoSitting down pose of a couple during a photography session on the pier with the town of Amalfi in the backgroundWalking on the beach holding hand and holding shoes Caffe pictures as the coupe enjoys a morning breakfast All the elements that compose the vacation displayed on a coffee table

Together taking pictures in the alleyway streets in a picket of light among building shadows

Silhouette image captured by a photographer in the alleyways if the Italian town

In love on the Amalfi coast Italy

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Time of the year: Giugno
Time of day: 7:00 am
Duration: 1 hr photoshoot
Locations: Amafi 
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Engagement photo shoot from Amalfi
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Engagement photo shoot from Amalfi
Coupe photo session in the town of Amalfi. Creative and unique pictures taken from the Amalfi cathedral through the beach and into town searching for interesting alleyway shots
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