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Amalfi coast proposal

By 12 May 2023February 9th, 2024Amalfi, Amalfi Coast

A Beautiful Surprise Wedding Proposal

What a beautiful Amalfi coast proposal from the town of Amalfi in the beautiful Amalfi coast in Italy! Waiting for the perfect moment to arrive. And just as the rain started to subside. We stepped into the Amalfi pier to ask that one special question! Framed by the town and the Mediterranean sea in the background. A touching moment followed by a faithful yes!
After catching breath we continued on to take romantic engagement pictures in the environs.

Starting right from the Amalfi pier where we took some really nice portrait shots while walking and sitting on a bench. Then we ventured into town and couldn’t resist from taking engagement ring photos over yellow lemons which we found along the way! With a quick stop in Piazza Dante to take pictures by the water fountain. And then continuing on with more engagement photos taken at the bottom of the Duomo staircase by our local and talented photographer from Amalfi coast. As well as all the way up at top to take some final portrait shots underneath the church portico. Among embellished columns and window views over the town and the skyline!

Amalfi coast photography. Image of the coast with sea water in the forefront

Couple photo shoot in Amalfi after a surprise wedding marriage proposal

Walking on the pier with the town in the background

Showing off the engagement ring

Kissing on the town pier engagement photography in Amalfi


Time of the year: May
Time of day: 6:00 pm late afternoon
Services: 1 hour Amalfi Coast Proposal Photographer session with video recording
Location: The town of Amalfi Italy
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Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photographer Positano Italy available as well as wedding photographer Amalfi coast. Here is a list of the Italy photoshoot sessions. Planning on an Amalfi proposal?! Amalfi Coast Proposal Photographer

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Amalfi coast proposal
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Amalfi coast proposal
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