Wedding proposal at the Coliseum

Overlooking ancient Rome

A once in a lifetime wedding marriage proposal on a secluded small hill overlooking the most iconic image of Rome. The Roman Colosseum. A wonderful moment photographed from afar by a hidden photographer. Then after making acquaintance we continued on with more photography here in this unique place and in around the environs. We later moved on by car service to our next destination. Piazza del Campidoglio.
Which has a really unique view over the most ancient roman remains. The Roman Forum. After some cool portraits we moved into the main square. Where we found so many different things to photograph. Old marble statues and ancient columns under a great light. Then we went looking for some nice roman alleyways in around the city. Finding the perfect one in the nearby Ghetto Quarter. We concluded the engagement session on the Tiber island where the final stop was for a romantic dinner for two!

Asking for marriage at the Coliseum

She said yes picture

Happy and in love in Rome during and engagement sessionEngagement ring picture while kissing

Roman alleyways couple photo sessionbridge over Rome portrait on the Tiber island

In love in Rome with an ancient distant bridge in the background


Time of the year: May
Time of day: Late afternoon
Duration: 2 hrs by car service
Location: The Roman Colosseum | Piazza del Campidoglio and the Forum | The Tiber island
Curated images by the Andrea Matone photography studio

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Proposing marriage at the Coliseum in Rome Italy
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Proposing marriage at the Coliseum in Rome Italy
A once in a lifetime event candidly photographed from a distance by a hidden photographer
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