Wedding PhotoShoot in Rome

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Inspired by beautiful wedding attire

What a wonderful Rome wedding photo session! Inspired by wonderful western outfits resembling a disney dream like matrimony! After a small ride from a nearby hotel, we started the photography session at the Trevi fountain where were descended stairs surrounded by the awe! Finding the right spot to take our initial bride and groom photos. Finding in the center fountain the best angle with the help and kindness of everyone which allowed us to take pictures uncrowed. Then soon after we made our way back to the car to reach our next destination.

The Roman Forum: where the destination wedding photography continued in a such a unique shooting location. We started with the sweeping view over the ancient columns and ruins. Moving afterwards to take pictures by a large marble roman statue and underneath portico columns. Including also some different perspectives of the roman forum from the other side of the open air museum. Where the car was waiting for us to take us to our final location. The roman Colosseum. Where we took beautiful pictures in a nice cobblestone alleyway with the large monument in background. And later on the other side of Coliseum to complete the photo shoot!

Bride and groom taking pictures together posed in the front part of the Trevi fountain. Wedding PhotoShoot in Rome

Newlyweds walking together in love. Rome, Italy. Colosseum in the far background

Just married couple posed in front of the ancient roman forum before ancient ruins

Groom and bride posing in front of the Roman Forum. Rome Italy

Taking newlywed pictures together under ancient roman statue in white marble


Time of the year: December
Time of day: Mid morning
Duration: 1.5 hr photography session
Chauffeur: WheretoRome car driver service
Locations: Trevi fountainPiazza del Campidoglio | Colosseum
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Rome Bride & Groom PhotoShoot
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Rome Bride & Groom PhotoShoot
Couple taking pictures together in some of Rome's most panoramic and scenic locations.
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