Violin music proposal

By 23 October 2017Surprise proposal

Overlooking the Roman Colosseum

What a beautiful proposal moment overlooking the roman Coliseum from a nearby hillside view. With warm sun setting light and romantic violin music. Walking up to the violinist as if he was a street musician that happened to be there playing by chance. And turning into a beautiful serenade! After the joyful and faithful yes we continued briefly with a few more couple engagement pictures including some nice pictures of the beautiful engagement ring!

Roman wedding marriage proposal out on a hillside view over the Colosseum

Joyful and faithful yes

Proposing marriage with the music of a violin playerEngagement ring close up

Showing off the engagement ringPosing together during a couple photo session in Rome


Time of the year: October
Time of day: 6:00 pm Late afternoon
Duration: 30 min w/violin music
Location: The Colosseum 
Curated imagery by Andrea Matone photography studio

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Proposing marriage in Rome
Article Name
Proposing marriage in Rome
Proposed Marriage with Violin Music and hidden Photographer to take unforgettable pictures of this romantic moment in one of the most scenic locations in Rome
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