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Villa Borghese Proposal in Rome

By 7 November 2023January 18th, 2024Colosseum, Couple, Pincio, Proposal, Rome, Villa Borghese lake

Asking the BIG question by the lakeside

Surrounded by beautiful red roses

What a stunningly beautiful and Romantic Villa Borghese Proposal in Rome. Set up to take place by the lake with the background view of Temple of Asclepius. Surrounded by red roses and rose petals. A beautiful proposal candidly photographed and video recorded from a distance. A surprise which was welcomed with so much joy and happiness! The photographer, with skillful precision, immortalized this tender moment preserving it in unforgettable images.

After making acquaintance with the photographers and catching breath from the great surprise. We continued this wonderful moment with more engagement photos. First in the nearbys of the park and the lake. Capturing different angle views and joyful moments. Then hopping back in the car, which had been waiting for us just outside the park. To head to the Roman Colosseum to capture more just engaged photos in Rome! Reaching a small hill called Colle Oppio which has a truly remarkable view on this iconic monument.

Then we continued the photoshoot in Rome by the Spanish steps before reaching the Pincio park outlook. Where we took our final engagement pictures with the phenomenal view over the ancient roman rooftops!

Romantic Villa Borghese Proposal in Rome overlooking the a beautiful temple by the lake

She said yes moment to a romantic wedding marriage proposal photographed in Rome among beautiful red roses

Posed couple portrait taken by the lakeside in Villa Borghese lake in Rome ItalyRed rose close up

In Love in Rome during a couple photoshoot after a wonderful surprise proposal

Offering red roses during a surprise proposal in Rome's Villa Borghese lake with an ancient temple in the background

Couple proposal photoshoot with red roses in vases and red rose petals Engagement ring close up on hand while holding red roses

Couple portrait leaning on each other's shoulder while showing the beautiful engagement ringWalking together admiring the amazing engagement ring on hand Colosseum couple photography in one of Rome's most iconic landmark

Wide angle view of the Villa Borghese lake used as setting to a beautiful surprise proposal. Rome, ItalySideway Temple view posed during a couple photo shoot in the Eternal city of RomeRing close up held in hand

Standing close together while taking pictures together at the Coliseum

Couple standing before the ancient roman colosseum monument while taking unique and creative photographs of the their engagement in Rome

Taking pictures on the Spanish steps standing underneath the sign of Scalinata Trintà dei Monti

Close up photo of a couple posing together during their engagement photos

Walking together at Parco del Pincio

Standing before the beautiful roman skyline scenery

Just Engaged Couple pose in Rome


Time of the year: end of October
Time of day: 2:00 pm in the afternoon. Villa Borghese Proposal in Rome
Services: 2 hour proposal photographer in Rome with WheretoRome car service and red rose vases with petals on the ground
Location: Villa Borghese lake. Rome, Italy. Colosseum, Spanish steps, Parco del Pincio
Curated imagery and post processing image enhancement by the A. Matone photographer studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our photography. Lake proposal in Rome. For prices and bookings please Click here.

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Surprise Proposal photography at Villa Borghese Lake
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Surprise Proposal photography at Villa Borghese Lake
Surprise Engagement photography at the Villa Borghese lake with the scenic Temple of Asclepius in the background surrounded by romantic red roses
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