Valentine’s day proposal

By 18 February 2019February 1st, 2020Couple, Pincio, Proposal, Rome

With ancient Rome as background

A beautifully romantic surprise wedding proposal organized to take place overlooking the ancient city of Rome from the above Pincio park terrace. Followed by a lot of joy and happiness! And after catching breath! We continued with a small engagement photoshoot around the area to take some nice couple pictures. Including some shots of the beautiful engagement ring. As well as some posed photos in the park. With the beautiful sunsetting golden light shining all around. Ending the photo shoot surrounded by thousands of soap bubbles!

The view of the ancient city of Rome seen through Parco del Pincio terrace overlook

The moment of the proposal with the ring and one knee down

Kissing during a couple photoshoot in the ancient city of Rome

Couple's hands one over another with the engagement ring showingCoupe standing together underneath a large tree

Sitting down portrait of a couple on a marble bench with golden sunsetting lightSitting down pose on tree branches

Bursting soap bubbles for fun

Surrounded by many soap bubbles all around


Time of the year: February
Time of day: Late afternoon
Duration: 30 min photo session
Location: Pincio terrace overlook 
Curated imagery by Andrea Matone photography studio
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Just engaged in Rome Italy
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Just engaged in Rome Italy
A beautiful surprise proposal overlooking the ancient city from the above Pincio terrace overlook
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