Symbolic Rome Wedding Elopement

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Getting Married in Rome

This was a fantastic destination wedding elopement in Rome Italy! With a symbolic ceremony taking place at the Inn at the Roman Forum Hotel.  And precisely in an ancient roman crypt found below the hotel. An incredibly suggestive location set up with candle lights and flower petals along the cave. The perfect location and atmosphere for an elopement wedding in Italy. The ceremony was brief and heartfelt followed by the joyful ‘you may now kiss the bride’! Then we took a small pause to wait for the car to arrive and to celebrate with a toast with sparkling wine. Then we were off to take unique and creative bride and groom photos around the city!

Roman alleyway street with the ancient imperial forum in the far backdrop. Rome, ItalyStanding outside the wedding venue taking a portrait picture of the newlyweds

Exchanging wedding rings during a symbolic marriage ceremony just married in Rome portrait series under roman columns

Bust portrait of a roman statue Black and white photography walking down steps in Piazza del Campidoglio

Taking pictures in Rome

Our first destination was the ancient roman forum. Seen from the above Piazza del Campidoglio. Which has a truly one of a kind view. Which may leave you fixed gazing at the history below. So we began with some nice portrait pictures with the ancient roman remains in the background. Then we moved over to this wide staircase which provided such a great place to try out different poses and picture ideas. And into the side portico taking some more photos under the colonnade with beautiful warm light shining in from the sides.

Our next stop was the Roman Colosseum, which was just a short car ride away from the forum. Where we started with some roman alleyways shots with the coliseum in the backdrop. But before setting up some walking pictures. We took some portraits using the Mercedes E class sedan as prop to lean on! Then we took a small walk around the bend. To head over to a small hillside view over the Colosseum. A truly once in a lifetime location! With such an unique view. Away from large crowds. The perfect place to take wedding pictures. Including some awesome silhouette shots with a bright colorful sky.

Elopement Wedding PhotoShoot in Rome Italy. Silhouette image taken at the roman coliseum

Newlyweds posed in front of the ancient roman forum Walking the streets of Rome during a photo shoot Taking a picture together with a carriage horse

Posing picture of the bride and groom at the Coliseum in Rome Italy Portrait picture at Fontana di TreviCouple kissing down below by the Barcaccia water fountain found at the bottom of the Spanish steps

Waiting for the perfect sunset

Swinging over to the Trevi fountain to capture some more nice newlyweds photos. Trying to dodge the crowds in order to find just the perfect view on this incredible work of art monument. And then moving onward towards the Spanish steps taking pictures up above by the Church Trinità dei Monti. And then walking down below towards the Barcaccia water fountain. To shoot some really nice portrait pictures. And walking all the way up the stairs was not an obstacle! Finding a really nice marble background to take some unique pictures of wedding rings.

Our last stop was the Pincio park terrace overlook. The perfect place to observe the view over the city at sunset. Before heading back hand in hand!

Just married in Rome. Wedding ring picture over ancient marble writing in Latin Looking at sunset over the roman rooftops in black and white conversion

Walking together at the end of day with a typical drinks selling stand Sun set in Rome during a photography session


Time of the year: October
Time of day: Afternoon 4:00 pm
Duration: half day: 3 hr photography session
Car Service: WheretoRome chauffeur driven services
Wedding venue: Inn at the Roman Forum
Locations: Piazza del Campidoglio with a view over the roman forum | Colosseum | Trevi fountain | Spanish steps | Pincio park overlook
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Just Married in Rome
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Just Married in Rome
A beautiful elopement wedding celebrated with a private symbolic ceremony in a very suggestive and unique location in Rome. Then on a car to visit some of Rome's most panoramic and scenic locations to take creative bride and groom photos!
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