Surprise Proposal shooting

By 28 December 2018February 1st, 2020Couple, Pincio, Proposal, Rome

At the Pincio park overlook

What a fabulous surprise wedding proposal! Overlooking the ancient city of Rome from the above Parco del Pincio panoramic terrace. Followed by the Faithful Yes and so much joy and happiness! Which made us not even notice the light drizzling rain. So after taking a few more portrait pictures here at the terrace. We started the engagement photoshoot by walking towards Piazza di Spagna. Stopping by along the way to taken some nice romantic portraits with the beautiful city in the background. Then when took some snapshots while descending the Spanish steps. Shooting some pictures with Via Condotti‘s Christmas lights as beautiful backdrop. Continuing on our way down to the Barcaccia water fountain. Where we shot some nice photos with the couple in the forefront and the people blurred in the background.

Then we ventured on a longer walk to reach the Trevi fountain. Trying to find some unique and creative angles. Crowd and bystanders permitting! We also took the opportunity to throw a traditional coin in the fountain.  From there we hopped on a taxi to reach the roman Colosseum. Where we took some nice walking around cobblestone alleyway photos with a very unique background. Then we moved over to a nearby hill to take some more snapshots of the Coliseum from a different angle. Including some very nice artistic silhouette shots!

Proposing marriage with the scenic view of the city of Rome in the far background

Putting the engagement ring on the hand after a surprise proposal

Couple embrace after saying the faithful yes!

Engagement photo session at the pincio park overlookStanding underneath the Trinita dei Monti marble sign and stepsCouple photoshoot with Via Condotti embellished with beautiful Christmas lights

-Couple portrait picture while sitting down before the distant view. Rome, Italy.Kissing under the Church found on top of Piazza di SpagnaLove story photo session by the Barcaccia water fountain found at the foot of the Spanish Steps

Portrait image of a couple sitting down in front of the statues in Piazza Fontana di Trevi

Trevi fountain couple engagement photo shoot while sitting down on the water edge

Walking in Rome during a photoshoot on cobblestone alleyway streets with the Colosseum in the background

Rome Surprise Wedding Proposal photography by the Andrea Matone photographer studio

Showing the engagement ring after getting engaged in Rome Italy


Time of the year: December
Time of day: Midday
Duration: 2 hr walking
Location: Parco del Pincio | Trinita dei Monti | Piazza di Spagna | Fontana di Trevi | Colosseo
Curated imagery by Andrea Matone photography studio
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Proposal Photo Shooting
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Proposal Photo Shooting
Asking the Big question overlooking the city of Rome from above. Then on a scenic walk to gather unique and creative engagement pictures around the city
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