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Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot

Villa Borghese Lake. Rome, Italy

A beautiful and romantic surprise wedding proposal candidly photographed at the Villa Borghese lake in Rome Italy. Overlooking the Temple of Asclepius found across the lake. A temple dedicated to the god of healing. A surprise which was welcomed with overwhelming joy and happiness! And after catching breath, acquaintance was made with the photographer and videographer. Soon after to begin taking nice engagement photos trying out different poses.
Then some drops of rain started to appear. And one drop after another a thunderstorm fell upon us! Where everyone scrambled for cover. We found cover underneath a low branch tree. Which provided a nice shelter at first, but the rain started to prevail and at some point we had to change cover. But before fleeing to a nearby bar. We saw a turtle also running for cover but in the wrong direction from the lake.

After the rain had quieted down. We walked back to the lake to finish our engagement photos. And to help the turtle find its way back to the lake!

Surprise proposal photo shoot at Villa Borghese Lake in Rome Italy

Asking the big question at the Villa Borghese lake with Temple of Asclepius in the background

Couple kissing during an engagement photo session following a surprise proposal in Rome at the lake

Ducks scrambling for cover as the first rain drops of water started to fall Photo of the engagement ring photographed over bright purple flowers from a bouquenville tree Picture of a Mediterranean pine tree overlooking the Villa Borghese lake Close up picture of the runaway turtle Temple of Asclepius photographed in the far distance

Rain pouring down on the Villa Borghese lake in Rome Italy Couple portrait after the rain in Villa Borghese Couple portrait photographed at the lake in Villa Borghese with the Temple in the background Holding the turtle in hand and putting it in the right direction Couple kissing during a photo shoot in Rome Italy


Time of the year: late June
Time of day: 5:00 pm in the afternoon
Services: 0.5 hour photography with videography and expedient image delivery
Location: Villa Borghese lake
Curated imagery and post processing image enhancement by the A. Matone photographer studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our proposal session in AmalfiVenice or Tuscany. For prices and bookings please Click here.

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Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot at Villa Borghese Lake
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Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot at Villa Borghese Lake
Surprise Engagement pictures taken at the Villa Borghese lake with the Temple of Asclepius in the background
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