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Capturing that special moment

By 2 January 2017February 4th, 2020Couple, Proposal, Rome, Villa Borghese Galleria gardens

Proposing in Rome Italy

An enchanting wedding marriage proposal photographed at the scenic Villa Borghese water fountain. Then the faithful yes! And on with a charming engagement photo shoot in around the park. Including some cool snapshot by the entrance of the Borghese Museum. Where we found these interesting geometrical stairs to use in the picture frame. As well as the main staircase leading up to the second floor. Then on a brief walk in around the green park looking for some good photo ideas. Focusing in on an enchanted love story book theme.
Our search for great photo ideas continued. Looking for unique roman feel cobble stone alleyways. Which we found in Via Margutta. Where we had to dodge the crowds a little bit. But what a great setting for engagement photos!

Proposing marriage near a water fountain in Rome ItalyEngagement photography by circular staircases

The joyful yes!Sitting down and hanging out by an ancient terrace

Park sitting down portrait session

Walking together in the woods

Water fountain photographic walk

Picking up joyful pose

Saluting the city of Rome from above

In the roman cobble stone streetsIn love in Rome. Engagement photo session in Rome Italy. By Andrea Matone photography studio.

Kissing vinesFinal picture portrait pose


Time of the year: December
Time of day: Midday
Duration: 2 hrs w/car service
Location: Villa Borghese gardens & Via Margutta. Rome, Italy

Curated imagery by the A. Matone photographer in Rome studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our sessions. For prices and bookings please Click here

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Proposal photography and couple photo shoot in Rome
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Proposal photography and couple photo shoot in Rome
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