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Sorrento Wedding Proposal

By 24 August 2022February 9th, 2024Amalfi Coast, Sorrento

Asking the BIG question in Sorrento Italy

What an amazing surprise wedding proposal in Sorrento candidly photographed by our Amalfi Coast Photographer taking place at the Chiostro di San Francesco. Under serene, greenery filled portico of a 14th-century monastery architecture. Perfectly set up to be candidly photographed and video recorded from a distance. Then after the faithful yes and the joy and the happiness. The photographer and the videographers stepped forward to introduce themselves. And begin a photographic tour of Sorrento with the intent to search for creative and unique images that could describe this once in a lifetime moment!

So first we stepped over to the Villa Comunale di Sorrento where there is a beautiful and large balcony that overlooks the Mediterranean sea and the city of Naples and the Vesuvius vulcano in the far distance. Snapping and recording some nice pictures and clips of being together in Sorrento and enjoying the view. Then we took the steps and the ramp to descend to the water level. Finding some many interesting viewpoints to enjoy the panorama. Taking some really nice engagement photos together with our Amalfi coast proposal photographer.

Once at the water level we took some photos using the beautiful azure and emerald green water as backdrop. Taking the leap over the fence to conclude the video and photoshoot on the large rocks in the sea with the cliff town of Sorrento in the background.  Ending the photography session with some artistic silhouette photos!

Knee down Sorrento Wedding Proposal photography

Putting on the engagement ring on the hand during the Sorrento wedding proposal. Close up image

She said yes kiss with joy and happiness

Sorrento beach seen from above ground Couple close up by the sea over the beach of Sorrento Italy on the Sorrentino coast. Wedding ProposalProposing by the sea water overlooking the Amalfo coast in the far distance Closeup portrait in sunlight over typical changing cabins that are found by the beachside Posing in front of the sea with the sun shining over it while smiling and enjoying the moment. Sorrento Wedding Proposal

Couple together on the Sorrentino coast overlooking the Mediterranean sea with the city of Naples in the far distance and the Vesuvio vulcano in the backgroundCouple posed together in front of the sea of Sorrento in ItalyPicture portrait snapped by colorful cabins at the beach. Sorrento wedding proposal photography at a beach resort Amalfi coast portrait of a couple during an engagement photoshoot over Sorrento Silhouette photography of a couple during a photo session in Italy. Sorrento Wedding Proposal


Time of the year: August
Time of day: afternoon 4:00 pm
Services: 1 hour Sorrento wedding proposal photographer session with 1 hour video recording with editing
Locations: Sorrento. Chiostro di San Francesco. Villa Comunale di Sorrento. Spiaggia Marina grande
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Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone Positano photographer available as well as Amalfi coast Wedding Photographer. Please find Italy photoshoot details here. Planning a Sorrento wedding proposal or a proposal in Amalfi?!

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Sorrento Wedding Proposal Photography and Videography
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Sorrento Wedding Proposal Photography and Videography
A Creative and Unique photo and video shoot around the town and coast of Sorrento to immortalize an unforgettable surprise wedding proposal. Followed by an engagement session around the environs
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