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Sorrento Family Photo Shoot

By 4 August 2023February 9th, 2024Amalfi Coast, Family, Sorrento

Taking family pictures in Sorrento!

Cloister of San Francesco

We started this Sorrento Family photo shoot at the Chiostro di San Francesco which is a perfect place to begin a Amalfi photographer session. With nice smooth end of day light shining through from the side arches. Giving us the possibility to take some nice family portrait pictures and to also break up into smaller group photos. Then we made our way into the Villa Comunale di Sorrento. Taking pictures on the terrace overlooking the Amalfi coast and Sorrento. As well as the city of Naples in the far distance in front of Mount Vesuvius.

Sorrento beach photoshoot

Then we began our descend down to the Sorrento beach level. A winding down hill passageway which offers nice portrait pictures opportunity of the town and the sea. Shooting both against and with the sunlight. Obtaining some nice summery feel family photos. Once we reached the beach level, we took some nice pictures by the water side. Finding in the cabin rows a nice colorful geometrical effect to take family portraits. Then together with the Amalfi coast photographer, we moved over to the other side of the pier. To find an isolated view of the sea and the vertical town.

Grand Hotel Royal 

We then took the elevator up to the town level. And walked to the Grand Hotel Royal which has a beautiful array of flowers and greenery. As well as an incredible terrace view over the Mediterranean sea and the Sorrento coast. This was a great location for a final set of nice family portraits!

Family picture taken in San Francesco cloister in Sorrento Italy Portrait taken at the Villa Comunale in Sorrento overlooking the Amalfi coast in the far distanceFamily portrait picture taken by the seawater in Sorrento

Couple photo shoot sitting down underneath the ancient cloister of Sorrento ItalySorrento Family portrait. Image taken on the way down to the Sorrento beach level Sorrento close up photographed next to red and yellow beach cabins

Family photo posed by the terrace overlooking the Sorrentino seaside

Couple photography in Sorrento Italy


Time of the year: End of July
Time of day: 5:30 pm in the afternoon
Services: 1 hour Sorrento Family Photo Shoot
Locations: Chiostro di San Francesco, Villa Comunale di Sorrento, beach side resorts
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Sorrento Family Photo Shoot
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Sorrento Family Photo Shoot
Taking family pictures in Sorrento starting from the town and making our way down to the beach level
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