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Sant’Alessio Church Wedding in Rome

By 8 June 2022Rome, Wedding

Getting Married in Rome

What a fantastic destination wedding in Rome Italy! Starting at the magnificent Eitch Borromoni hotel in Piazza Navona. Where all the preparations were taking place. Before an incredibile view of Piazza Navona from above. With the bride preparation under the skillful hands of Anna curating the make up and hairstyle of the bride and also of the two bridesmaids. The final effect was just stunning! So as the guest and families were headed to the church. The photographer took some pictures of the beautiful bride in the courtyard of the hotel room. Which has a privileged view of Sant’Agnese church by Borromini. Then they went down to the ground floor of the hotel lobby and waited for the wedding car to pull around.

View of the above Church Sant'Agnese dome from the courtyard of the Eitch Borromini hotel in Rome's Piazza Navona in Italy

A view of a water fountain detail of Piazza Navona's four river fountain in Rome Italy

Bridal facial close up during the bridal preparationThe wedding rings photographed on a glass table

Photographing the Wedding Dress while hanging from the wooden ceilingThe groom putting his jacket on

Wedding dress hanger with inscriptions closeup The bridal party bridesmaids showing their hairstyles

Bride portrait close up during the hairstyling phase of the wedding preparation Wedding rings photographed on a green branch with lush leaves

Cride side portrait showing the beautiful hairdo hairstyleThe bride looking at the final product preparation with a smiling pleased look

The closing of the wedding dressFlowers girls spreading rose petals and having fun doing it

Bride side posed portrait with the bouquet of flowersBridesmaid one entering the church

The wedding car pulling up into Sant'Alessio church in Rome's Aventino Bridesmaid two entering the church

Church Wedding in Sant’Alessio

Everything was ready for the arrival of the beautiful bride. Whose entrance followed the flower girls and bridesmaids accompanied by the her father. The ceremony was heartfelt and after the reciprocal yeses, the bride and groom were welcomed with a lot of joy and happiness! Which carried them outside of church under a shower of rose petals.
Then we headed back through the church and into the rear gardens which have a fantastic view over Saint Peter’s dome in the far distance. Location where we would soon go to, to take wedding pictures in Rome. Before going to the wedding reception lunch, we swung around the Roman Colosseum which was in the area, to read each other vows and to take family pictures with the unique monument in the background.

Inside Sant'Alessio Church Wedding photography. Side hall details with beautiful sun shining light shining inThe groom may finally kiss the bride

The father walking up the bride to get married in RomeThe groom may finally kiss the bride

Wedding pictures in Rome

After the wedding reception lunch we headed over to the Trevi fountain to capture some more nice newlyweds photos. We knew it was not going to be an easy task. As a huge crowd was waiting for us! But we decided on a surgical intervention. We drove right through the square. Descending from the car in front of the bewilderment and amazement of the multinational crowd. We swiftly moved across and were blessed with some really spectacular bride and groom shots. In front of the fountain and on the side of it. We were quick to get in and quick to get out with some awesome wedding photos!

It was very much downhill from there. We visited the Roman Forum seen from the above Piazza del Campidoglio. Which aside from this magnificent view over ancient Rome. it also offers some really wonderful photo opportunities. With a large and wide staircase as the perfect backdrop to wedding photos. Ancient white marble statues to be used as perfect props. Scenic porticos with soft sunsetting golden light shining through which enabled us to get some really nice wedding photography.

Then we swung the car around and headed on the other side of the Tiber river into the Vatican city. Where Saint Peter’s square was waiting for us with all its splendor. First taking pictures under the massive colonnade. Then moving into the square itself taking pictures by the water fountain and right underneath the basilica. Where we found this fantastic light which allowed for some nice photo effects. Ending the bride and groom shots first at the Roman Pantheon where we found quite a large crowd and ultimately back to Piazza Navona. Where it all started and where it ended with an Italian Gelato!

Kissing the beautiful bride with the view of ancient Rome's Vatican in the far distancePortrait picture of the newlyweds taken at the Trevi fountain. Rome, ItalyPortrait taken overlooking the ancient roman ForumNewlyweds kissing with the view of the roman colosseum in the far distance

Just married in Piazza del Campidoglio. Portrait on the staircaseNewlywed couple walking together under a white marble statue in RomePortrait picture of the bride and groom under the colonnade of Saint Peter's square in the Vatican. Rome. Italy

Newlyweds first dance at the Roman Colosseum in Rome ItalyNewlywed portrait together at the Trevi fountainTaking fun and creative wedding pictures of the newlywed couple on the Campidoglio staircaseJust married couple taking pictures under the Rome's porticos found in Campidoglio squarePicture taken of the just married couple underneath the water fountain found in Saint Peter's squareKissing the bride under the Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican Rome

Kissing under the statue in Piazza Navona Rome Italy


Time of the year: May
Time of day: Morning to evening
Duration: Full day
Car Service: WheretoRome chauffeur driven services
Wedding venue: Eitch Borromini
Wedding church: Sant’Alessio in Rome Italy
Wedding reception: RoYaL Art Cafè Roma
Photoshoot Locations: ColosseumTrevi fountainPiazza del Campidoglio with a view over the roman forum | Saint Peter’s square in the Vatican | Roman Pantheon | Piazza Navona
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Destination Wedding in Rome Italy
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Destination Wedding in Rome Italy
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