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Rome Walking Photoshoot

Taking pictures together while visiting Rome!

What a wonderful opportunity to visit the city of Rome and take unique and creative photos while walking around and visiting the city! Coupled with a professional photographer from Rome! Starting from the Roman Colosseum looking for new prospective views on this ancient iconic landmark of Rome. So we began taking pictures at Parco dell’Oppio and made out way around this massive monument. Finding some nice off the beaten track views to take portrait pictures. Leaving the Colosseum behind us on a cobblestone alleyway street as we headed towards the Roman Forum

Walking on Via dei Fori Imperiali and observing the wonderful view of the Imperial Forum. Then climbing up to the Campidoglio hill. To get some higher level views on the ancient Forum. Taking pictures on the balconies which have an incredible view on the ancient city. Concluding the Rome Walking photoshoot on the other side of the Campidoglio square. Where we found a fantastic view over the city of Rome and the Tiber river from above!

Couple portrait picture taken in front of the roman forum view in the city of Romekissing in front of the Roman Colosseum in Rome ItalySitting down in front of the Vittoriano monument found in the city of Rome

Black and white photography of a couple posing in front of the Roman cityscape during a photo session in RomeCouple happy portrait taking pictures while visiting Rome image taken in front of the forumBlack and white photoshoot of a couple observing the sweeping view of the city of Rome Italy


Time of the year: mid April
Time of day: morning 10:00 am
Services: 1.5 hour photography
Location: The Roman Forum and Colosseum
Curated imagery and post processing image enhancement by the A. Matone photographer studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our proposal sessions in AmalfiVenice or Tuscany. For prices and bookings please Click here.

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Rome Walking Photoshoot
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Rome Walking Photoshoot
Taking unique and creative couple pictures while walking around and visiting the ancient part of Rome Italy
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