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Rome Terrace Proposal

By 25 June 2023July 7th, 2023Couple, Proposal, Rome, Terrace, Video

Asking the Big question in Rome!

Overlooking the Eternal City from above. A fantastic wedding marriage proposal perfectly organized to take place in one of Rome’s most scenic terraces. Arriving to find the whole place just to ourselves! And while enjoying a close up view of Saint Peter’s Basilica. With some many architectural details which are otherwise unnoticeable. Then a bright red heart shaped cake arrived and was placed on the table just behind our couple. With one of the most important question written on it!

Will you Marry Me?

And the yes came with an explosion of Joy and Happiness! Followed by a beautiful bouquet of red rose flowers. As well as a good bottle of Italian prosecco sparkling wine to celebrate this once in a lifetime moment! Documenting the wonderful event in unforgettable images and pictures.

Then after catching breath and meeting with the photographer and videographer. Which had been sitting on different tables pretending to be regular guests enjoying the view. Then we continued on with some beautiful engagement photos and video clips! Moving in different parts of the terrace. To capture the view from different angles while shooting wonderful couple portraits. Concluding the engagement photoshoot up on the glass terrace with a sweeping view of the roman skyline!

Rome Terrace Proposal photography taken from a distance overlooking the Eternal city from above

Will you Marry Me? Cake

Couple embracing in black and white photography on a terrace in Rome during an engagement proposal in RomeEngaged in Rome. Couple kissing during an engagement photoshoot The dome of Saint Peter's cathedral photographed up close Couple portrait taken during an engagement photoshoot in Rome Italy by professional photographers and videographers

Just engaged in Rome Italy after a beautiful wedding marriage proposal questionPortrait in black and white of a couple celebrating engagement in Rome ItalyA beautiful bouquet of red roses photographed up close from the top Black and white image of a just engaged couple in Rome Italy


Time of the year: mid June
Time of day: 6:00 pm in the afternoon leading into the golden hour
Services: 1 hour photography and video recording. Car service with exclusive terrace view. Black and white photo conversion and expedient image delivery
View: Rome Terrace Proposal view of Saint Peter’s dome cathedral in the Vatican
Curated imagery and post processing image enhancement by the A. Matone photographer studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our proposal session in AmalfiVenice or Tuscany. For prices and bookings please Click here.

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Rome Terrace Proposal
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Rome Terrace Proposal
A marvelous surprise engagement proposal photographed on an exclusive terrace overlooking St. Peter's dome in the distance. Followed by Unique and Creative Engagement pictures
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