Rome Family Portrait Photography

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Family portrait photography

What a wonderful day came out for this fun and unique family photo session in Rome! Which began by meeting underneath the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius found in the Campidoglio square in central Rome. Moving to catch the last rays of light shining through the ancient roman forum viewed from the above side terrace. Where we started to shoot the first group portraits. Changing angle view to get different backgrounds. Then we backtracked to take some snapshots on the beautiful staircase. Mixing some sitting down portraits with some standing up images. Both walking and posed. Then we moved over to take some more photos underneath a very large marble roman statue which gives off such a nice Rome family photo sensation!

On our way to the Roman Colosseum we circled around the ancient forum to capture a different angle view. And what an incredible sweeping view over ancient Rome! Ultimately reaching the bottom of the Capitoline hill where we took some nice photos underneath the Arch of Septimius Severus. Which makes for a great picture location when used as a picture frame. Then our walk began heading to the Roman Colosseum. Then taking a side street off Via dei Fori Imperiali to get some off the beaten track images with the Coliseum in the background. Concluding the photoshoot on the Oppian hill with some fantastic family photography in Rome with the distinctive Colosseum in the background at sunset!

Family portrait imae taken at the ancient roman forum in the backdrop Sitting down portrait picture Portrait image taken in front of marble roman writingCloseup Rome Family Portrait Photography using the ancient roman forum as backdrop

Family picture taken on the large staircase found in the Campidoglio squareGroup photo taken underneath the ancient roman colums of the campidoglio squareWalking under a large roman white marble statue Portraiture framed within the arch of Septimius Severus

Walking in the city of Rome during a family photo session

Family picture portrait at the Coliseum

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Time of the year: December
Time of day: afternoon 3:10 pm
Duration: 1 hr walking
Location: Capitoline hill and the ancient roman Colosseum
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Family portrait in ancient Rome
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Family portrait in ancient Rome
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