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Ravello Proposal Photography

By 21 September 2022January 28th, 2024Amalfi Coast, Proposal, Ravello

Asking for her hand in Ravello Italy

There could be no better place than the Terrace of Infinity to ask the Big question! Overlooking the Mediterranean sea and the Amalfi coast from a truly unique privileged viewpoint. An Amalfi proposal in Ravello which was welcomed with incredibile joy and happiness! Feeling which carried over the Amalfi photoshoot which soon followed in around the vicinity. After catching breath from the great surprise! We couldn’t get enough of this incredible view over the sea, the coast and the horizon. With wonderful colors slowly appearing in the sky. Taking a mix of spontaneous and candid shots. As well as some posed portrait from different angle views.

Continuing to snap photos here and there as we were walking out and heading into town. Finding in every angle some incredible Ravello Proposal Photography  opportunities. Especially with the sunsetting light sinking in and slowly entering the blue hour. A fantastic moment to take unique and creative engagement pictures! Where the light progressively diminishes and the sky turn bright blue. Once outside Villa Cimbrone we headed into the old town passing through fantastic countryside scenery to continue with the Ravello proposal photography. After a good 10 minute walk we reached the old town. Which seemed like an image coming out of a postcard. Taking some wonderful photos with the street lights and almost losing track of time! Here are more stunning pictures from a Villa Rufolo proposal in Ravello; the adjacent villa estate.

Couple kissing on a terrace overlooking the sea of the Amalfi coast at sundown. Ravello Proposal Photography

Couple showing the engagement. Just engaged in Ravello

Close up couple portrait photography on Terrazza dell'Infinito next to the metal railing

Embraced with joyful surprise and ecstatically happy. Ravello Proposal Photography

Sideway portrait couple kissing overlooking the Amalfi coast on the edge of the Terrace of Infinity in Ravello's Villa Cimbrone on the Italian coastCouple looking at the incredible view over coast of Amalfi from the Infinity terrace. Ravello Proposal Photography

Posed portrait of a coupe together in Ravello with the beautiful sea in the backgroundIn Love in Ravello posed picture in between tow ancient marble statue and a unique view over the Mediterranean sea in Italy. Ravello Proposal Photographer

Walking together hand in hand in Villa Cimbrone's lush green park

Standing together a courtyard of the private villa estate

Posing in front of Villa Cimbrone Hotel and villa estate. Ravello Proposal Photography

Posing in front of the Ravello countryside

Couple taking engagement pictures leaning into a white marble columnEngagement ring picture close up at night photographed in between blue flowers

Standing together on the steps of an ancient building in RavelloRavello town photographed at night underneath romantic street light. Ravello Proposal Photography


Time of the year: mid September
Time of day: The Blue Hour in the late afternoon around 6:00 pm
Duration: 1 hour Ravello Proposal Photography session with expedient image delivery and retrieve all picture files
Location: Terrace of Infinity found inside Hotel Villa Cimbrone in Ravello. Amalfi coast. Italy
Curated imagery by the A. Matone photography studio. Ravello Proposal Photography taking place in Villa Rufolo in Ravello 

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Ravello Proposal Photography
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Ravello Proposal Photography
A romantic Ravello proposal photography candidly photographed in incognito on the Infinity Terrace of Villa Cimbrone in Ravello during the blue hour. Amalfi proposal, Amalfi coast Italy
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