Proposing overlooking Rome

By 9 May 2019February 1st, 2020Couple, Pincio, Proposal, Rome

The view from the Pincio terrace

What a fantastic view for fantastic moment! Proposing marriage from one of the most scenic terrace views in Rome. Arranged as to have a hidden photographer document this irrepetible moment. The surprise was great as well as the joy and happiness that followed! And which carried us through the engagement photo session. Capturing unique and creative couple images in around the park. Including some puddle image reflections. Which turned out great in both color and black and white!

Then we headed down to Via Marghutta  by car service to continue the photoshoot in a more intimate location. Shooting in cobblestone alleyways which are so typical of the city of Rome.  Including a bright yellow vintage FIAT 500 which happened to be parked by the side of the street!

Couple talking on the terrace of the Villa Borghese park overlooking the city from a distance

Man proposing marriage knee down surprise wedding proposal photographed by a hidden photographer from afar

She said yes image. Just engaged in the city of Rome

Horizontal photo view embracing couple overlooking the roman skyline in color photography Vertical photo view embracing couple overlooking the roman skyline in black and white photography

Couple and water puddle reflection at parco del pincio

Black and white image of couple overlooking the beautiful and panoramic view of the city of Rome from a terrace view

Walking together holding hand after being engaged to be married in Italy

Kissing underneath a tree in the Villa Borghese park

A nice walk on in Rome's via Marghutta cobblestone roman alleyways


Time of the year: May
Time of day: 18:30 Late afternoon
Duration: 1 hr photography with car service and black and white conversion
Location: Pincio Terrace overlook | Via Marghutta 
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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